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Matt navarra spotted a new AI generated profile picture tool under development in the TikTok app. In its current form, the tool asks you to upload three to ten photos, then select up to 5 different styles. Once those are processed, users can download the photos, set one is an avatar, or post them to your story. In late December, opening I applied for a trademark on the term GPT with the U.S. patent and trademark office, or USPTO. Last month, the company filed a petition to speed up the process, citing myriad infringements and counterfeit apps using the term. However, the USPTO dismissed the petition, saying OpenAI's attorneys failed to pay all fees and provide required evidence. Sources speaking to TechCrunch indicate that as a result, the trademark process could take 5 months or more. In its fiscal Q four, Microsoft grew revenue 6.7% on the year beating analyst estimates. Its intelligent cloud revenue was up 16% on the year within that Azure crew revenue 27%. CEO Satya Nadella said teams grew monthly active users 7% on the quarter to over 300 million. Bing now has over 100 million daily active users, but that didn't stop its more personal computing unit from seeing revenue down 9% in the year, although part of this is due to Windows license revenue down 28%. In alphabet's Q one earnings, it grew revenue 3% and beat analyst revenue and earnings estimates. YouTube ad revenue fell 2.6% on the year and it was the second consecutive quarter of decline. CEO Sundar Pichai said shorts of views increased 66% on the year to over 50 billion daily. And Google Cloud generated its first ever profit after posting a $706 million loss in the same period last year. WhatsApp updated its multi device feature so that you can use the messaging app on multiple phones running iOS or Android, previously it allowed additional access

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