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As always tony. Few and i am so excited you guys. You're joining me tonight. This actually pretty pleasant friday night and pittsburgh i'm I was out earlier. I was out shopping for some dinner for some post Show dinner About forty five minutes ago. I'm like wow i. it's almost fall but it really isn't. It's it's still early july so we still have another eight nine weeks of a of a really hot weather. At least you never know anymore. But i can't believe how pleasant it is especially considering how hot it was just a few days ago. It was torture. I was out running on tuesday. Don't ask you. Why almost fifty. I'm not even allowed to shovel at this point about running in like ninety five degree weather and poor. Poor air quality alerts. Not why. I'm trying to get apps i guess but yeah it's a. It's a pleasant friday night. Where i as of right now. We're watching right now. You're watching me on on youtube. Live reading catch so many live podcast every night. Actually there's there's there's this show and then on. You'll see me again on monday. Night with brian davis and shannon metre shannon last week. I felt so bad. But he's he's a great addition to the show and add so much insight so it'll be three about moving forward in you catch that every monday night at eight thirty. It's the hangover in in the off season in a regular season. It's called actually. It's called hangover all the time. Now right yeah so to hangover. What am i talking about. Sorry it was a lapse tuesday night. It's the scarborough show with dave scofield. And his brother rich as a great show. I enjoy that at the very popular show. And there's an dave son. Kyle's becoming a star before our very eyes so look out for him. He's another one. Just like connor davis who will be taking my job soon. I'll be on twitter bashing them on twitter about how they don't know what you're talking about because i'm i've been in this business for what three years now. The podcast in business. So i really no more than that which is not true. So check that out wednesday. It's the curtain. Call with michael beck in jeffrey benedict and soon it'll be Know your enemy where they always have an awesome guest on every week during the season. And i think they have some during during the off season to So that's awesome show. I always enjoy getting their takes on football. They both know their stuff Jeffrey benedict isa's to film breakdown. Whiz and michael beck crecy played football so he knows his stuff. So that's a great show. Thursday nights to preview. jeff hartmann brian. If they davis are podcasting manager and dave scofield. The one of our editors friday. This saturday it's touchdown under with with mattie pepper all and in mark davidson and enforce on sunday at least in the off season that's tales from two. Am with the very famous and very popular. and rockstar. like brian Bryant anthony davis so. Check all those out you can catch them all live on on youtube and by the way. Police subscribe to our youtube channel. Please like our page it. It helps us grow as a podcasting platform and brian. Ethnic davis and jeff and dave and everybody. They're all helping us grow. We're adding new people ready new podcast reading new personalities. You really gonna love what we have in store for you this coming regular season and of course you could check us out on facebook. Live right now. If you're watching on on facebook at the moment you could check all those shows out live as they happen to you to. Please check us out. Live and check us out on audio only platforms such as iheart radio stitcher spotify i tunes anywhere. You can find podcast on audio platforms. You can find us. Please check us out. And we have a bunch of audio only shows. Of course we have the retro show with. Brian davis and yours truly. We have live. Mike with with jeff hartmann. We have we have the. I always get that next and he'd write this down. Even i wouldn't look anyway. Live mike is michael beck. Jeff hartmann is Let's ride many. Several is war room. I it'll be called something else. During the season i think The stat gig is dave scofield. And we have. We're gonna have more more Audio only shows more personality. Really gonna love it. You're gonna love. We have in store for you with the audio only shows to our podcasting platform has grown so much over the last thirteen fourteen months. It's it's incredible. It's like a radio station. It's it's weird. Not we're great. Weird would be like a if a if a deer was hosting one of our our podcast. That as far as i know it's not going to happen. That would be weird but this is great and of course shakeup behind so curtain a website. We bring you news. Commentary film breakdown. Transaction updates We're going to have a lot in store for you. Once training camp kicks off which will be. It'll be starting with another couple of weeks. It's it's amazing. It's almost here so please check us out as we like to say at your one-stop shop you're only stop shop for all your steelers needs It's my favorite website. And i think it's the best dealer's website on the internet. So please check us out and Hello mark davidson. I just mentioned him. He's a star you to start. He's a star. he's everything. George testing daredevil steeler.

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