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Like, we already talked about how bad it's offense in line is to meet they have so many other glaring holes on that team a quarterback isn't gonna fix them when Larry FitzGerald goals, people will tell the truth about the air on a cargo. He's like covering up. The fact that what the quill says, but he played for played for the Browns and airs ONA despite they went to the Super Bowl that one year. But they're really a lot like the Browns particularly here in recent years. I think it was a mistake to go up and get Josh Rosen. I had question marks when he started. He had other agendas beyond being a great quarter. And to me that's a sign of arrogance. When you leave college football to go to the NFL, that's such a dramatic leap. If you're not self aware enough to know is mice. What I didn't. College. But that league they're different beast here. Everybody go it's intangibility to this. Yeah. Hit that for you. Jimmy here to help us talk about our pooper ratings for Tyler Murray of Jimmy. To get the man who made you. Oh, man. I man, you know, all of this is just this big uncle, Jimmy merch. We got going on Mertz. Yeah. We gotta going on like, you know, first of all, let's be real. It's very rare to see picture on the T shirt and somebody dead. Or not like this. What are you sell them? Chris. I'm not knocking them off down at the slauson. Swap meet they go. They're knocked off their that. They're saying boy man hit me up on the Twitter. If you wanna get a copy, you know, what I'm saying, the toys, GMI know. You know, what I'm saying Medecin made me do it movement. Here's a highlight from our discussion earlier about Kyle murdered. Somebody got into the interview room didn't like kinda Murray, and the way he responded told Charley Casserly, he repeated. That is news this time of year. And you can take it for what it's worth if you are the number one potential overall pick they'll talk to you. And like man, I do mess, and you just gotta make sure you do measure reporting in this moments and these moments, and I don't know of Charlie's comments come off as measured. All right. Jimmy. What's your take on kinda Murray, then on until until you game, man? The Kanban culturally biased and everybody knows what the Wunderlich. Know, the Columbine. You heard me it's culturally bias, explain how well, you know, the more you sit over there by my nephew to dumber you get most forty yard. Dash hello. Girl, come on. You know, we dominated hundred yard dash go on back to Jesse own. I mean, we can't be touched in a hundred Carlos Hussein Bo you say, hey, wait a minute. More extreme. Moist green only good thing that ever came out of Sligo highschool Hanson. We take go silver. Bronze we take. Every time. That's what we do. But we also do on the forty you know, what? We all wanna Ford we win the forty to us. We okay. But But but what? what they're talking about. The you didn't go well, bro. Who's doing interview? Steve Harvey, Tom Joyner Harper. I mean offered in interview. See they will never let us ask the questions. Kawamori would have sounded completely different today. Let Jimmy do the interview. What would you ask stuff that we can relate to like who was the better apple POC all eyes on me or big ready to that time? We got tight what does that have to do with football. Not not a damn thing. But what Jeff Ireland asking about Dez Bryant mama's personal business have to do anything. Let me answer that now today I'm saying that's a that's a good point..

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