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Planned San Francisco gets by Dallas 19 to 12 Christian McCaffrey's fourth quarter touchdown run the difference. I think what this theme, everything's intense. And that was true when I got here and it's true now. Obviously there's more on the line, but I think we're winning. We got to just do the same thing as we always do every week and that's correcting mistakes that we make and capitalize on the strengths and keep rolling and play our best game come Sunday. Forty-niners visit Philadelphia in the NFC championship game Cincinnati goes to Kansas City for the AFC title tilt after beating buffalo 27 to ten Bengals head coach sack Taylor. We're built for this. You know, it doesn't matter what anybody thinks about us. We don't care whose favorite who's not. We're built for this and we're excited to go on the road to Kansas City. Say what you will, but it felt like one of those snow globe games yesterday. Oh, I loved it. Who doesn't have a snow globe? I've got one. Oh, I've got one. Yeah, I mean, they're nice. They're good. Bagels beat the chiefs in overtime last year, vents college basketball, Maryland, false to number three Purdue. 58 55 terrapins make just three of 21 from three point range nationally. Number one, Houston. Tumbles to temple 56 55 women's hoops, Maryland Avengers at December defeat to Nebraska by beating the corn huskers 69 54 20 points and 11 rebounds for Cheyenne sellers. Dave Preston, WTO sports. Well, you told you about fears that a wintertime triple demo of COVID flu and RSV cases could overwhelm hospitals, but that has not happened. New CDC data show waves of flu and RSV cases peaked before the start of the new year. Also the 7 day national average of hospital patients testing positive for COVID dropped to 39,000 on Friday down from 47,000 around January 10th. The Washington Post reports the number of weekly emergency room visits for all three viruses combined peaked in early December with no resurgence after the holidays. But experts say we could see cases of flu and RSV increase again, this spring. President Biden is expected to name the man who ran his administration's initial response to the pandemic as his next chief of staff, word of Jeff zain's hiring comes from two people familiar with the matter. The president's current top aide Ron klain is preparing to leave the job in the coming weeks since his role as the administration's COVID-19 response coordinator, zain has returned to The White House in a low profile position to work on staffing matters for the rest of the president's first term. Coming up after traffic and weather, the top stories were following for you this hour. The man accused in the mass shooting at an LA area dance club over the weekend is found dead. Funeral services take place today for a northeast boy shot by a neighbor who believed the 13 year old was breaking into cars. And Ukraine is a step closer to getting the western tanks that says it needs to fend off an intensified Russian offensive will dig deeper at 7 30 with WTO peace national security correspondent JJ green. Stay with us for more on these top stories in just minutes. It's 7 18. Traffic and weather on the 8s, what is the latest Jack? Weather like this never really makes for a great Monday morning rush hour, so take it easy as you head out. We've got a few things in front of you. Unfortunately, and we're causing some delays. We'll start in Virginia 95 going southbound. It was an unusual delay trying to get out of wood bridge. There's a wreck after the Dale City car rest area along the left side the right lane had been getting by northbound, just kind of off and on slowing from Fredericksburg into Stafford. Woodbridge north into lorton, then again through the Springfield interchange, going north on to three 95. 66 headed east were slowing now at a manassas out near 29 in centerville. That's where we had a report of a crash. Couple issues on the Prince William Parkway both going east bound. First, it many veil road the second at I 95. Now you will find we'd had some slow traffic to deal with in Alexandria on the bellway. It caused slowing back into Maryland before saint Barnabas wrote it slow into Alexandria the good news is all the activity that caused the slowdown on the inner loop at the Eisenhower avenue connector gone. Nothing left to look at. So hopefully, that delay will begin to ease. Slower traffic in Maryland on 50 west, inside the beltway moving towards Chevrolet, westbound before two O two, there had been reports of a crash there on the left lane. I 70, Howard county, up near 29, we'd had reports of a crash, it may actually be on 29 south at I 70 it sounded like a vehicle off the roadway. That was the case on 95 south down near two 12, a van off the roadway right side. 32 going east when moving again, the activity of the crash of 29s remains along the left side of the roadway, stay right to get by. Watch along northbound branch avenue on the ramp to Allentown road, crash at this point, maybe blocking that ramp. Topside out loop, you're definitely slow, 95 headed over toward Georgia avenue, two 70, we've got the slowing monocacy through urbana down to one O 9 then heavy and slow through Gaithersburg. Now open. Metro silver line extension is connecting you to 6 new stations, including dulles airport, connect with more, connect with metro, Jack Taylor, WTO P traffic, storm team

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