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Wrigley, Harold Varner, Kelly Kraft discussed on 24 Hour News


The offense a steak dinner had things gone is that look they would we'd be talking about another dreadful performance five and two thirds innings nine hits four walks seven runs allowed to cincinnati and the blue birds in the wrigley faithful joe understand with the fans get frustrated but when you're sitting in the doug you know the guy as well as you do that it's kind of frustrating to us but he'll tell you probably probably thought he might have the cubs scored six runs between the sixth and eighth innings and pulled out a come from behind eight seven win so chat with got off the hook what about those boos i mean i can't control what they do pitch good pressure you know so pitch better than the moral only cheers for hobby bias though who went four for five with a homer and the game tying hit anthony broad and the game winner on an eighth inning groundout buyers might hear his name called when all star rosters are announced tonight so today's cub pitcher jon lester and so could white sox first baseman jose abreu who was leading the fan vote at that position at last report he went over four and yesterday's twelve six lost to the astros he's really hit the skids a braves average down forty two points since june first with his on base and slugging numbers falling even more meanwhile the sox have dropped four in a row despite an avi garcia homer in the late going james shields eight runs ten hits allowed and five and two thirty took a loss lucas gio alito starts the finale of the socks road trip today by the way milwaukee lost the cubs game to game in the division it's a one and a half games spread now bulls made a trade sending guard jaren grant to orlando in a three team deal that netted them charlotte guard julianne stone who may not make the opening day roster bulls also began summer league with an eighty six eighty eighty one win over cleveland wendel carter junior sixteen points nine rebounds five blocks some very good defense from him chandler hutchison thirteen points and five boards the sky beat minnesota seventy seven sixty three vancouver beat the fire three two world cup off today the semifinals begin on tuesday wimbledon office well it's middle sunday kelly kraft and harold varner the third lead at the greenbrier.

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Wrigley, Harold Varner, Kelly Kraft discussed on 24 Hour News

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