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President trump and secretary state Mike Pompeii always said that a rainy in general because Tom Saloum ani had to be taken out because he posed an immediate threat apparently not all military commanders were in favor of the air strike that according to CBS news was David Martin emphasizes it was just some commanders say presidents principal military adviser and chairman of the joint chiefs general mark Millie the Pentagon press corps talked to him on Friday and he gave every indication that he was a hundred percent for the strike are you and secretary general Antonio good good is is calling for de escalation between world leaders he's warning that the geopolitical tensions have reached a high for this century at the U. N. C. B. S. analyst Pam Falk has more on the secretary general's dress a supporter of the Iran nuclear deal that is now in jeopardy Guterres said that the global community is living in dangerous times and even nuclear non proliferation can no longer be taken for granted tears made a point about climate change but turned again to his message that he called simple and clear he said stop escalation Pamela Falk CBS news United nation this afternoon defense secretary mark asper said there has been no decision on withdrawing troops from Iraq amid heightened tensions with Iran as per spoke to reporters after a letter from an army general seem to suggest a withdrawal role had been ordered in response to a vote by the Iraqi parliament over the weekend as per the repeated that there has been no decision what so ever to leave Iraq congressman Joe Kennedy the third is calling for an immediate vote on the house floor to repeal both the two thousand one and two thousand two authorizations for use of military force as tensions escalated the Middle East we need answers.

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