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Yeah they they shot the they shot the like the american kids outside of the suits and yet so anyway uh but there's a whole lot first of all the hike that continues down and goes up to undo this raging goes back into the canyon highly recommended i told you this you should do it with your family but i started reading about it and it was like this place was home to this incredible wilderness camped at all these like celebrities like ava gardner and clark gable like back in the 20s and 30s would come up an uh this was like the who's who of hollywood with only people who can make it up because there angeles cress highway didn't exist at the time there are other ways to get uh area and this family opened up this incredible wilderness can't they built like a castle up there so it's kinda like what oh hi as now we are here like these high falloon celebrities like uncle on a honda air the week but it's different in that it's totally in the wilderness oh hi is just a beautiful town ahead is has a bunch of great houses and stuff this was like yeah he had to take a yet alike get somebody to take you up there it was very difficult to access and then what you were up there it was this dislike nature's paradise and of course as happens with most things like that eventually it it's no longer privatize it becomes part of a like a public park or whatever now anybody can get to it in the roads were built but anyway i like rental this cool information a interesting information like there was a bell that you could ring when you were a mile from the end of the the the trail where the waterfall was and when you've got to the the end of the waterfall there will be a man who had caught some trout for you and had cooked it up fresh.

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