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Hope you're all doing well for the few that i've got here and those who will share time with us online. Good to have you here. I would encourage you if you haven't already please give this a share. Because the more people we can share this with blast with it the better we are nearing the end for a few weeks. Away from finishing our walk through the book of proverbs. I've i very much enjoyed this interesting. Because it's every now and again the you come across something that is profound and challenging and then often you're walking through and you're coming across things that are just beautiful playing clearwater of good sense. Have you noticed that. You're picking up from the farms. This wisdom literature is just the clean clear glass of water of good sense. It's like it's it's not flavored. it's not a whole bunch of salt or sugar. It's not anything that's supposed to be super exciting just sustains life that's that's that's the beauty of it it's the it's particularly as the word god is but it's interesting so so he. We continue our journey through the book of proverbs by looking at proverbs. Chapter twenty seven and again as we study the is we do this continually remembering that the wisdom and truth find here is instructive and useful for all who would hear it but is particularly useful in the life of the follower of christ. That's you me. Because it gives us a greater insight into god causes the live in serving an honoring him in this fallen world as we study. God's word we do this seeking to know him more and to better understand how to serve to honor him. So as we look at the word of god we study the word of god as we read the word of god as you read the word of god yourself and your and your evening your morning time we spend some time with the word and you read reading it to to learn to grow but what we're reading to learn is who got his what his character is what he expects from us what he wants from us in how to operate and walk and in the world because one of the beautiful things about the word of god is that the truth is eternal we tend to think and this has been some of the work of the devil to this idea that well old fashioned things go into fashion and then they don't mean anything later on how many of you realize the truth is not a fashion statement that what is true is not a fashion statement so because people say well the old fashioned way of living like old christian people that wasn't old fashioned it was moral and some may have been we may have added some traditional stuff that was a bit bit quirky world stuff back in the dan remember the pentecostal movement. Some of the really staunch like you couldn't be in a movie theater because they were places and pool halls..

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