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Because it's got a big tomorrow says any advice. Here's my advice. In the goal find a way to create an elevator pitch. What's in sixty seconds would differentiate you and every other candidate who is going to walk into that interview because of the unique set of life experiences dances and work experiences that you have had? Don't you know. Don't try and tell them about some generic set of qualifications that you have tell them specifically about how you you and you alone are uniquely qualified for this job because of your life experiences and be honest and own some of the stuff that you you have done where you fell in your face and learn from interface or what when you push yourself outside of your comfort zone and how much growth came in having pushed yourself outside of it. I'm always interested in someone who was a good storyteller about the unique set of experiences that they've had in their life and so if you're able to ah hone in today on what you are elevator. Pitch of yourself is did it down know what it is and have it be uniquely about you and your experiences experiences so that there is no other candidate that could possibly consider since you are the only one who's ever had your experiences Are the Toronto terraced tickets. It's sold out. I do believe that the Toronto terrorists tickets are sold out. There are still a handful. There's a couple of hundred Tickets that are left. I want to say in general admission and premier but The tickets are running low. WE'RE GOING TO BE IN TORONTO. The seven six five six seven early early in March. WE'RE GOING TO BE IN TORONTO. I'm excited about that What do you listen to when you're running to keep you motivated? Oh it really depends on where where I'm at in the run in this twenty two miles that I did there. Were points where I was listening to like first of all. I run to A pacing APP which is unconventional. Most people are looking for my playlist. I have an APP where you pick. How fast you WanNa go and then it sets music on a genre genre that you've selected to a certain cadence so every time there's a beat that's when the beat comes that's what my foot hits the ground and so sometimes it's faster sometimes? It's slower some. I generally start with a pacing APP and then when it gets hard. I'll either have to go to something that really pumps me up. Mike think about like nineties hip hop or something that really grounds me me to a bigger sense of my. Why think worship music right so I have extremes and sometimes I tap into one and sometimes I happen to the other but you have to understand for you? Where in the race? You are what you're going to need to stay motivated for me at the beginning of you know like the first for me fifteen miles. I am not thinking about the music I'm thinking about the beat I WanNa like really stay connected into running consistently All right let's see what is happening Can I work for you. Not a joke Yeah submit your resume We are actually we have job openings currently posted at the Hollis Co linked in page so if you are a qualified candidate interested in working working in Austin Texas are aligned with our core company values you reach for growth you are committed to servant leadership you are interested in joy as your up steady state. You are wild about inclusion up and tastic come on down. We'd love to have you. Hey what's up. Stacey flowers stacy is going to be on the stage rise Toronto she killed it. killed it at rise in Fort Myers. I'm so excited to see you again if you have have not yet started following stacey flowers if you do one thing today do that because she is a light on this planet. I'm excited that I get to see her again. Here in Toronto Santo Let's see what else what after I used to track my running. Yep so I'd pace with a thing called spring I track within called run tastic ask by Adidas not an ad it's It's it's just something that I use and There we go any updates on a book tour Nashville. I know that I am coming to Nashville. Israel I have the opportunity. God bless him to come to do a little bit more podcasts stuff with the Ramsey organization and their base. There I'm GonNa try and and figure out how to do an event when I lock in those dates so stay tuned. I am hopeful to have date not terribly long for now. What's my book called? It's called did you have your own way a skeptics guide to growth and film it. You can buy it literally anywhere anywhere. Yes anywhere Can I be adopted by you guys to join teatime. No the in is completely full. I have checked. We have no more capacity in our home whatsoever. I do appreciate it I'd love to have you over for tea time but you can only stay for like twelve or fourteen minutes at most because we have no more room in our house. Thank you for ask Let's see anything else we've been on here forever. What's going on at what point of the to hit Hawaii and Alaska? ooh That's a good question. I don't know I truly I don't know that I'm GonNa make it there but I'd like to organize chartered flights for every single person that lives in Alaska to join a a tour stop. How about organ? I am coming to Oregon Rise Business. Oh can't wait for is business. Rise business was one of my absolute favorite events of two thousand. Nineteen I am. I'm already excited about what is going to happen. In Two thousand twenty It's happening the first weekend in November. It's going to be in Austin Texas. I know that place and we're GONNA put those tickets on sale. Tell everybody about what's going to be happening at the very end of March so stay tuned for that Thank you for Priori my book. I do appreciate that Let's see let's see here. We go what do we get the we get the bonuses for buying a book tour ticket yes you do you get you get the bonuses Got An advanced copy loved the finding your course. Thank you love to hear that. Thank you very much appreciate you saying that Would it be weird to give you a thank you card at your book tour. Know Nicole I will take any card whatsoever. Adrian's asking. How do I get the course preorder book? All you gotTa do is head over to get out of your own way. The Book Dot Com. And follow the prompts. And you'll get the course immediately. Rachel was on this show. I know it's so weird. I'd like hijacked her social. I'm sitting here doing this show. It's never ending. When is the show going to end? Never because I have not been called back down to set but Rachel Hollis was here at the very beginning sitting here in this chair in this chair enjoying getting a little bit makeup and now she's shooting so with that ladies and gentlemen have have yourself a fantastic Tuesday If you are in the coaching community I see you and appreciate you..

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