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Who Tang clan? Shangri LA is salt and pepper. Donny Hathaway all ended up on the mix. The mix playing on repeat and Amy wine houses head these artists and more singed, Amy wine house, their musical influence on her was both obvious and subtle depending on who you were talking about. But the one trade they all shared the Amy picked up on. And never put down was their command voice say what you will about Wu Tang, the Shangri LA salt and pepper and Donny Hathaway who when they were doing their thing each ascended to the head of their respective packs, and it was because of the command their music specifically over their voices. Everyone was a top notch vocalist shirt a jazz singer as her hero. Tony Bennett said of her she saying the right way. He was right hearing that quote, it's easy to think that he's talking about her technique when we talk about vocal technique physicality God giving gifts figure heavy into the equation. But the other component emotion is just as important, but perhaps more crucial singer chooses to do with that Russian like an actor singers, make choices in no pop singer in modern history shows more wisely than Amy why? Now, she transported herself in order to connect the lyric. She say whether they were standards sung previously by jazz. Motown giants or whether they were written by her if they were written by her you can bet they were drawn from a place of deep experience, usually pay. She would thoroughly searched for an emotion before committing voice to song. And the result was a stunning command of our. Our instrument her voice as strong as Jimi. Hendrix commanders guitar Keith moon's over his kit or pick your conic analogy. Anyone else could matching but to make a great record takes more than just that command power technique. It takes something even more special. It takes a song. A hit song with lyrics that is hard wired for the singers heart where the singer is such a reliable narrator in the lyric despite its simplicity is compelling because of its authenticity. When lyric has that combination, simplicity authenticity, emotion point of view? It has the power to stop the world from spinning and make listeners say to themselves. And then sprint to the internet or record stores. Wherever people get their music to listen to it over and over and over again. And that's what Amy wine houses breakout. Single did with lyric. They try to make me go to rehab, and I said, no, no, no. Of course, you did look at you big Ronnie spector beehive black mascara for days tattoos skinny like a coke spoon teeth fucked up, and that's sexy English way. And no kidding. You said, no, no, no, you hearts to break bars diplo's charts to top and more and more songs to write for us about that son of a bitch who mess you up. What's his name that dude with the role of Fred Perry? Sleaze constantly looks either hung over wasted your muse. You say Blake. Amy wino- hit and her new husband Blake fielder was very much along for the ride though. The ride began over on road in the beginning Amien Blake had significant others. And when they seem to have finally committed to each other Blake Bill and went back to his girlfriend, Amy was heartbroken. But she was also inspired. She opened in a motion vein and porter heart out to Lear and undertake I wonder Blake inspired batch of songs is finally released Amy's first single rehab shot up the charts and both the UK and the states launching your second album. The Mark Ronson co produced back to black up charts. Amy took America by storm. I with the star turning performance on the late show at the Letterman where she in her. Excellent far backing band Brooklyn's dab kings announced her arrival Hari from their radio, or what was left of time two thousand seven along with the internet got fully behind the scene. And with Amy's arresting punk rock, by way of girl group. Good looks and quick wit the press and the tabloids were immediately treat, suddenly, Amy wine. House was everywhere before was all said and done back to black win five Grammy awards and become the second biggest selling album of all time of the UK and go on to sell a combined twelve million copies worldwide. But was success comes stress superstar stress. Amy wine house now responsibilities? An all she wanted to do is get back to life in Camden, lake drink get high which was Blake until was now preferred way of passing time right me songs, but she faced extensive touring performing Sahib. She'd already got tired of performing the reluctant popstar was thrust into the music industry getting sheen tasked wing audience through TV, appearances, interviews and photo shoots. Worst of all what came with all that was increase of interest from the tabloid press in the burgeoning ages social media, she was under more scrutiny than ever and stressed the fuck out about it. Amy was sometimes insecure about her looks her weight and even her talent. And when she felt insecure she got struck after fleeing a photo shoot in tears because she didn't she said feel pretty she managed to find some courage after a fortifying bottler three of champagne drinking through a workdays was the way she coped eating was something. Other people did her body suffered. She no longer filled out her form-fitting pinup girl dresses and sometimes joke that she used every eating disorder Ville with her as a means of maintaining or figure as your body gets smaller, and eventually frailer her hair got bigger her makeup more dramatic, she hoped that artifice would create some distance telegraph to her fans and detractors alike that what really mattered was the music success for Amy wine was not what she expected was problematic. Amy blamed many of your problems on her daddy issues. Mitch White House had not only left. Her mother, Janice when he was nine he also brought around to the house the woman he'd been having an affair with for most of ABC life beginning when she was just two years old. In fact, shoving his love life and rejection of them in their faces Amy craved her father's attention. She still looked up to him wanted his approval, but underlying that sense of abandonment and rejection were behavioral problems that she'd shown since she was a toddler she suffered from depression, and may have been bi-polar, and she was put on a mood stabilizing drug in temp to controller symptoms. Most often though, she took her anger out on herself. She began cutting age nine just little lines and cross adjutant marks so tiny could barely see them. They were there. They gave her a kind of release gave her a sense of control, however, fleeting as an adult. She still cut herself. It was something she in Blake had done. Separately as children now, the did it together romantic cut, cut cut, the little blood a little more blood. Then the shame and the scars she cut herself to punish yourself to punish Blake at the same time. She began to depend more and more on blink a man who could barely take care of himself to support her emotionally his care of her. Blake was her man, her amuse, her mess, a hardcore drug user, he brought heroin and crack into the relationship, but Amy wasn't some passive victim. She embraced his world of drugs wholeheartedly. When she was using drugs drinking, Amy lack self control. Then again, why should she control ourselves? She was aiming wino- you'd never knew which Amy we're going to get. She could be funny and flamboyant or fucked up and fidgety at the q awards in two thousand six where you to received yet another award of some kind Amy was there sitting in the audience. She got he has Bano droned on. He literally would not shut up Amy wanted a drink. She wanted to smoke and her feet hurt her hair ist, she wanted to leave Jesus Bano will you ever fucking shut up. She shouted it came out loud in her. Heaviest cockney accent heads turned people shushed von glared. She gives shit about pissing off Bajo, and she didn't mind making seen either. She wanted out award shows Werner thing for Amy a girl from Camden festivals were mortar taste at the wireless festival. She was in her element. She hit the VIP bar. She. Feeling right and short yellow halter. Dress peop- toast, the Littles mile high beehive in signature red lipstick. She looked around backstage to see who was worthy of her tension as cheesy began is set. Amy notice the A-List who are surrounding her the magnificent beyond say that smug little snob. Gwyneth Paltrow and the has been twins. Kate moss. Madonna, but Amy was an interest in any of them cheaters sights set on an unsuspecting inefficiently single, Royal Prince, Harry or prince hot ginge is he was dubbed the tabloids. He was captivating. All this rogue Laurie AB washed vibe to h two is he raised his hands to the anthem as did is doesn't or so bodyguards. Suddenly they're on high alert because Camden tattooed rose is rolling up on the prince, the crack addled songstress the Greek, Amy wine. I was herself was barreling. Right. Atom 'paparazzi swarmed around her she moved toward or how he sat at the side of the stage. She called he'd never met her any wasn't exactly planning on doing that. Now either. What was she doing? God. She was coming closer. Our it's me, Amy this point security rain down on her promptly apprehended. You're Prince Harry remained embarrassed play as she was dragged off by her handlers. And then by security. Sometimes Amy had things under control other times. She did not that was the case in the night. Amy been invited by a friend to production of Cinderella. The friend was starring prince charming by the time Amy arrive, she was feeling the fight rise up. She wanted to embarrass from just a little she wanted attention. She wanted to be funny to be loved. She wanted to disrupt to hurt. She wanted the glass slipper totter around into break to cut to wanna cheated the prince she needed to be syndrome. She was syndrome cinders, she screamed marry me prince charming. Little kids in the audience. Confused parents shocked that theater manager beside himself. Amy get up out of receives walking up and down the aisles trying to charge with minimal barris this manager approached a low voice ear said, please come with me miss. She pulled away we have a private VIP seating area. You'd be more comfortable, he continued politely. The fuck of coming with you a couple of security guards of to escort quarter out of the building. She said she needed to use the bathroom. I but that was just a ploy to hit the bar again. She wobbled toward the bathroom and then made a break to a small service bar in the hallway to the tuxedo, a bartender. She said I wanna vodka miss Winas wouldn't a glass of water be then that's what she hit him. The bartender in open headed smack right in his face, then a closed fist wallow then Amy attacks for real flailing arms and legs scratching kicking the bartender about twice her size. Tried. Restraining Amy nothing batons connected straight with his balls the full security team managed to get any under control her bodyguard promise. She'd reporter so police in the morning no-one had called the cops. But someone tipped off the press, and as she left theater the paparazzi was in full effect flash. Flash flash. An endless barrage of intrusive cameras in questions. Amy what happened when's the next record coming out? Is it ever coming out? Amy. Why are you so skinny what did you smoke tonight, Amy, whereas Blake is cheating on you? When are you going to rehab, Amy Amy Amy, Amy, Amy, Amy, she looked up for tangle hair on done, a mess? One shoe in her hand one lost her bare feet stepping unsteadily through the cold winter night. 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