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And Kylie the youngest tops them all she started her own makeup line in two thousand fifteen and this year Forbes named her the youngest a self made billionaire on the planet is it fair to call herself made I think she self made because I mean listen my girls you can say that certain things have been handed to them but it takes a lot of work to do with their all do so she may have the name which is the leg up and the notoriety of the TV show right right but the money is all hers right we're talking about money and the money she's made is her own it began with their own savings she put her own blood sweat and tears into it it was her idea it was amazing what she did what she showed us the rest of us how to do it okay Corey but it's not just about making money in here with Todd cram and Megan engine and we're at our meeting about the Turkey give away we listened in on a planning meeting for thanksgiving food giveaway the Kardashians individually and as a family are said to give millions away for causes ranging from homelessness to Alzheimer's research you know there are people who say that the Kardashians are all about materialism and vanity is this an effort to change that image I don't think there's an effort to change an image I mean here that that's an image from some people other people see it a lot differently so I think people usually don't know what they're talking about and when you start criticizing someone else why do you think you've got the target well I think that you know anybody were not the only target any person who is you know well known and successful and are on social media you know is a target and you guys think you're bigger target because you're bigger presence on social media maybe but what I do know is you know we get up every day with appreciation and love and a work ethic that you know it is stellar and part of that work ethic comes from her Kris Houghton worked as a flight attendant before she married attorney Robert Kardashian with whom she had four kids Kourtney Kim Khloe and rob in nineteen ninety one she split with Kardashian and married Olympic champion Bruce Jenner and they had two girls Kendall and Kylie we got married and we didn't have a lot of money but we had a lot of kids and we had to get a big house and everybody was in private school there and I was like we've got to figure this out were you lying awake nights trying to figure out a hundred percent Chris became Bruce Jenner's personal manager booking speaking gigs for him as a way to raise cash she basically stayed out of the spotlight.

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