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I talk to uh tony larussa during the winter i ask them about the hangover and they said look there's nothing you can do there is going to be a hangover any it is amazing that we have not seen any team repeat his champion uh since those yankee teams back in the late nineties uh and what uh i think fix the last seven teams won the world series is number might be wrong but it's about this right i think six the last seventeen to one the world series didn't make the playoffs the following year i think for you know for the cubs for other teams at a championship level teens the giants have been a great example of what we talked about them being the even year team uh i it feels like that because the postseason goes all ons for so long because the pitching is drained uh we the extra layers of a playoff so less fifteen twenty years the teams it does take a toll on them and they pay the price of following year now i we saw with the mets last year and uh you know but the debts this season i mean not related to that it's been a rough year but with the trade deadline coming up on a month and a half from now in the mets decide to become sellers who do you think is the most intriguing player that they'll have to offer boy they're in a tough spot gnat regard uh you know a big i think a general everybody needs pitching every contenders looking for starting pitcher maybe they're looking for some relief help uh and that's why guys like uh lucas dude on the other hand may not have the sort of market value that you would anticipate because this year it just works out out that when you look at the contenders in what they're looking for there just is no water need among the position players uh no i talk to general managers about this last week that uh you know if you are if you're the reds you of as act codes are there really aren't that many landing places for him if you are the pirates in at some point you wanna put andrew makupe now there there are not contenders clamoring.

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