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Including neighborhood access to jobs investment, education housing and sanctuary for immigrants and online fundraiser could soon be helping TSA workers at Chicago's airports deal with the loss of paychecks as the government shutdown moves into its twenty second. Day after seeing a government contractors online plea for help during the shutdown Natoli made a donation on go fund me, and then started wondering what about the TSA workers coast guard members who also aren't getting paid. But I realize well, I wouldn't know how to disseminate coaster dollars. But. I could probably do it through their union here in Chicago. So the Downer's grove man has set up a gofundme campaign called dollars for Chicago TSA workers and has reached out to their union. The American federation government employees is steering people to file for unemployment. Instead, Matt Chow ski says federal employees and the American public who rely on their resources need a budget passed. Nothing else will be remotely equivalent ANSI hardy, NewsRadio one zero five point nine FM. In wisconsin. The Barron county sheriff says they are not looking for any additional suspects in connection with the kidnapping of thirteen year old Jamie clause, she was found alive after escaping from captor on Thursday, shake Thomas Patterson is expected to the formerly charged next week. Patterson allegedly killed Jamie's parents in their home. Then abducted her Barron county sheriff Chris FitzGerald says the evidence is strong. The suspect taken great efforts to minimize his friends footprint at the crime scene things like not leaving trace evidence. By changing his physical appearance guns were also found in Patterson's home, including a shotgun. Similar to the one that killed..

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