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Already oh and my personal favorite. He sorry i don't wanna. I don't wanna praise anyone's released here. But chase parker and matt marquel from. When i saw that released us it is gonna love that one. Oh i did. Oh he's gonna love that. One i am i on a scoundrel you on a personal level i am said they lost their jobs will impact sign them in a week. Yes do. I think that they're talented by any stretch of the imagination. No and i think the i don't know why they had a shot in the first place. Fire either. She just got their name moved up to the alumni section. That's next month. They moved into their nice. Actually i didn't even check who even marie already. Oh no no. I was waiting for waiting for rhonda to do his. They'll be guiling posts. Read what do you think about these releases. I m my personal opinion is. They're just weeding them out. And they're just what's again number one. They're going to sell the company so the getting rid of all these contracts granted. somebody's contracts. aren't that big money. But they're just weeding out. The people that they know aren't going to be using. They're trying to get that trying to get that they'll go small money adds up right at the point there secondly Most these talent aren't being used anyway. I mean greta killian danes and the and the tele breeze which i think he should have had a bigger chats with a mid card A few of these names are important but once again if they're going to sell the company why should we care it's gonna all be. It's all going to come to fruition anyway. These people these contracts aren't gonna matter because they're trying to get you know. I said i i'm not mad at these releases. Twenty how did also report the w. is also trying to get back out or black like they regret releasing him but he already said his mind's made up he's going to aws. He he be done if you went back. Oh yeah big time but I'm upset these release. I think that should make sense and Unfortunately these people lost their.

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