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Tim Collins was able to get that done along with major donations and things like that which is of mazing feet in. So you turn around, and you say, we'll why if Tim Collins could duplicate that Tim is the example here take him, the we'll make him the whipping boy, but Tim Tam. Listen to go pill. Make it rain this downtown one Tim college do all private money. Yeah. That's understandable. But it assumes that the entities from which Tim Collins, raise that money have endless supplies of money understand some of that money got lost in the whole raider fiasco, which is a whole nother issue. What do you got j Leeson? What do you got quick check books out? What are you live? I got to plane. No, they have one. That's right. Colonel Lewis you've got an f sixteen. I'm not afraid to use. All right. We'll be right back. Bottom of the hour. We'll come back just minutes. Stick around. We've got plenty to go right here on the show, our special guests this morning, rainy. Jordan profit committee, chairman Lubbock Expos. Hey, Jay, west, Texas Leeson plane, you some prerecorded. From Wade Wilkes program here on AM five eighty lot more to get into as we finish up about sixteen minutes left to the well, eighteen minutes left on the program stick right with this here. I think it's content that people especially in Lubbock need to hear maybe outside of Lubbock wooden joy as well right here on AM five eighty be back about ninety seconds from now one of the pick back up with our program here gonna run a little bit over today in because on what you hear the rest of audio. We're talking about the Lubbock expo center and Lubbock county expo center. Excuse me, always say that the wrong way. But it's a classic case of some nebulous. Protected. You don't know their identity who is opposing this. Tony renteria. I know you love hearing your name on air. But why are you such a coward? Why can't you come on in talk about why you're running the organization opposing this? What's your plan? Tony wrench RIA. What do you plan on doing in? Why are you such a big shot? Tony wrench RIA. Yeah. Exactly. Thank you Daniel. And why can't you state exactly what your opposition is in? Why you're the treasurer of this rough shot campaign against the Lubbock county expo center because it it sounds slimy. It sounds like you don't want people to know. Yeah. You don't want to know a lot. You don't want people to know. Why can't she be more transparent? If you're a part of an accountability group. I don't understand it to me in. This is a problem for the Lubbock county Republican party is that the people who are most involved. It seems to me are the most adamant in campaigns like this. But there's nobody who wants to come on the show nobody who wants to go wait Wilkes his show. My show any other show. They just want to hide behind ads and say, well, it's your tone, your tone is supreme new white guys your tones, the problem your tone in the tax. There's no wonder why. CJ Hargrove pulled out of your pack because you guys are cowards. Because you guys are. No, nothing's in. You are cavemen so far is progress in policies concerned, and I've got to stop talking now because we need to end up the program, but Tony Renna RIA. May be Carl is it whoever else class a coward a hundred percent down the line? And I'm going to call you out. Now, Magas you guys. It's unbelievable to me and. I think the everybody ought to vote for the expo center. Not based on Birch you of the committee. But you guys are the great a jackass cowards that you are. And you are one hundred percent, you are you don't win it. Engage. These questions you win a hide behind in-kind contributions and loans from outside of Lubbock, but you don't win. Engage. The issues are going to take a deep breath. We're going to continue on with audio from this morning. Tony Renteria return. My phone call. I bet you won't continue on prerecorded audio. Wade will this morning on his program? Three two one..

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