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The two million dollar judgment from her he sold an undercover cop cashew a cashew and she certified there was crack cocaine at most people you know when they would they they're in this situation they just take the play and get a reduced sentence but this guy said i select copper cashier who who took of duty time for that i'm just going to goal will it'll be described as a cashew and i'll get off so he goes in the court and she gets up on the witness stand the first off lies about her awry or credentials claim she's got a master's degree when she doesn't and then she certifies that this cashew was crack cocaine and the guy ended up doing a year and a half in prison so now we have a we said at the time when they started throwing visa cases out by the thousands and there's another other one out any amherst who was doing the same thing she was a she was a drug addict the one in amherst she was just the she was just snorting and smoking all the the drugs that she was getting and she would say she that center fifty fifty ox these and if she would send back thirty different pills you know like vitamins or slumped but this was unbelievable at went on for twelve years with with one another sign you're was her name syafei rock i think what's her name but anyway so they started letting all these people go is specially the ones that you do kiana improperly cast the fight against or here you know wwe perjured herself testifying against she actually end up going the mci framing hamper a couple of years but we said at the time some they're going to be people you'll get killed by uh by these drug dealers that they're letting out because i mean most of them are were guilty in one form or another i mean i'm not saying that i i think they should have been railroaded nobody deserves to be railroaded they they had to release slim when it turned out the evidence was tampered with but there weren't going to be people killed and there have been people killed and this weekend there were two more people killed by one.

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