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It's all things considered from NPR news. I'm Ari Shapiro, and I'm Mary Louise Kelly. Donald Trump still can't access his Facebook account. Now an independent panel is deciding how Facebook should handle his case and others like him. It's a major debate about whether we draw the lines in the white place. Some people think we should be more aggressive. Others think we should be more permissive. First news. Yes. Live from NPR NEWS. I'm Dwayne Brown. President Joe Biden's nominee to be attorney general, is starting to meet with Key senators. NPR's Carrie Johnson reports, Judge Merrick Garland is finishing the paperwork for his nomination. Merrick Garland had a zoom chat with the incoming chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Senator Richard Durbin says the longtime federal judges well prepared to restore the integrity of the Justice Department. Berlin may be best known for his 2016 nomination to the Supreme Court, but he started his career as a prosecutor in Justice Department official. Garland pledged to support the workforce after years of turmoil under President Trump. Urban says they talked about priorities, including implementation of the justice reform law fighting white supremacist, limiting the reach of covert 19 in prisons and reinstating a moratorium on federal executions. Carrie Johnson. NPR NEWS Washington On Capitol Hill, President Biden's nominee for secretary of transportation, appears on a smooth path to confirmation. Pete Buddha Judge Wrapped up his Senate hearing today, pledging to rebuild the nation's infrastructure is the country struggles to recover from the pandemic. So much is at stake today and so much is possible as our country works to emerge from the crises of this moment with bipartisan appetite for a generational opportunity to transform and improve America's infrastructure. The former presidential candidate and mayor of South Bend, Indiana, says there is bipartisan support for improving the nation's roads, buildings and power supplies. United Airlines lost more than $7 billion last year as the viral pandemic wiped out travel plans today. The airline gave a weak forecast for its revenue in the first three months of this year. Declining to say when it expects travel to pick up again. Stocks finish mixed on Wall Street, The Dow lost 12 points down 4/10 of a percent. This is NPR news. Live from KQED News. I'm terrorist. Siler. Several Bay area health departments are starting to resume using doses from a batch of Moderna Corona virus vaccine that had been paused by the state on Sunday. This comes after health officials reviewed adverse reactions in a small number of patients. Fewer than 10. People in Southern California had non life threatening reactions after getting shots from this batch. Change frees up potentially thousands of doses for Bay Area counties to use, including about 6000 in Solano County. Here's health officer, Dr Bela Matyas. The review was exhausted and we're back, able to use it because it's safe. The result for us is gratifying because we we now have more vaccine that we can provide to our community. Nearly 22,000 doses were freed up in Santa Clara County, plus 8000, San Francisco and 7500 in cinema. Google is courting more public controversy over its internal crackdown on its artificial intelligence ethics team. KQED Sam Harnett explains. The AI ethics team was established to investigate things like potential bias and image recognition software or search algorithms at Google. In December, co leader of the team Tim that get, Bruce said she was fired after criticizing Google's hiring practices and technological biases. Google spokespeople say Get brew left after a disagreement over a research paper Now. Google is investigating another team member, Margaret Mitchell, and has blocked her access to corporate accounts in a statement, Google Road that they're automated systems Detective Mitchell had quote, expatriated thousands of files and shared them with multiple external accounts. Mitchell has been publicly critical over what happened to our colleague get broom, and she's a member of the new Alphabet Workers Union, which issued a statement of concern..

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