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Breaking news on W. T. R. good morning at nine OO four here W. T. O. P. we are following some developing news this morning if he is severe weather that has left a real mark on this area let's go live right now to start team fours Matt reader and get the latest Matt we've had some tornado warnings in the last hour or is it all over yes for most of the year you yes but it is still moving through parts of Maryland right now the latest warning is for eastern animal county until nine thirty in particular from the Riviera beach area down the green haven lake shore Severna park Arnold Cape Saint Clair heading towards Skidmore and the bay bridge itself down towards Annapolis this line of very heavy rain racing to the east at a good fifty to sixty miles per hour and within that line probably some sixty mile per hour wind gusts about to move towards the bay bridge so if you're on the bay bridge it looks like it were if you're about to get on to the bay bridge especially if you're heading westbound on to it just be advised you could be driving right into this line be prepared for it because it's pretty much imminent this point but this line is moving through it with the cold front now moving east Baltimore over the bay down through extreme southern Maryland and it'll move on to the market and then slow if you've already gotten a severe weather this morning you're not going to get any more today in fact it behind the cold front you're seeing temperatures fall from the fifties into the forties and that'll be the trend for the rest of the day what were details coming up the next weather on the gates well how damaging the winds that we've seen with the storm so far this morning that we'll be seeing some a wind gust reports of of forty to fifty miles per hour of course we fight and the the tree damage reports that were near Leesburg and also northwestern Montgomery County the first of the warning came out the first of the warnings came at a good to a two hours ago that was the first will need a warning for near the Leesburg area and with the Montgomery County that's were getting lots of reports of that tree damage to the National Weather Service will of us by birth presume will be investigating that because the warning was in effect of these are definitely some really strong gusty winds with a strong cold front but again the worst is over if you've already had the severe weather if you're near the Chesapeake Bay brace for it it'll be moving through between now and about quarter of ten all right in that match just a quick question for you is this unusual for this time of year it's unusual for this time of the year but lower.

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