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The north koreans that china's view on things can be trusted he ruled malaysia for many years but could the ninety two year old former prime minister mahattaya hammered out to secure another term and office or voting is underway in the general election with the governing coalition led by the prime minister naji razzaq facing its toughest challenge in decades outside a polling station this voter was optimistic my hope is peaceful and all nations will exercise their constitutional and come out and jonathan head who's in kuala lumpur told us more about the fierce rivalry between the two former allies dr mahathir mohamed is the great elder statesman of malaysia he seemed very much as they creator of a modern malaysia he was prime minister for twenty two years has come out of retirement at the age of ninety two it's staggering to watch him because he is remarkably healthy for that age abandoned his party and turned on prime minister najib razak the man he helped put into his job nine years ago to lead the opposition replete with ironies because he's now finds himself in alliance and opposition with anwar ibrahim another former protege who he turned on the late nineteen ninety s and whom he put in prison they were the bitterest rivals but then now together in this oughta lions in desperate attempts to break the six decades long monopoly on power they say because i've talked to my accuses prime minister not cheap of record corruption of extraordinary cronyism soak increasing grip on power has to be broken it's been a very very intense campaign lots of personal attacks by by both sides prime minister najib has fired back this is the opposition is an alliance of convenience that would crack up in power and that is untested and unreliable so it's been very very strong we're still very unclear how it's gonna turn out at the end of the day so briefly is there an appetite for political change in malaysia and is this going to be a free and fair election there is an appetite for change in many areas particularly urban areas where most malaysians now live but the way in which.

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