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One of our warmer spots in Gainesville. We're up to 65 in North Georgia's News. Tong Wdun this'll look at traffic is brought to you by Locos Girl in Pub. Jackson County officials telling us that one South out lane of I 85 There's still shut down just south of Highway 98 Maysville Road do that overturned tractor trailer. They're crashing that is still trying to be cleared up at this time. So if you're headed south bound on 85, you're gonna want to exit around us. 4 41 if you can, and make your way down to either dry upon road or us, 1 29 to get around that seems the rest of your roads are all looking clear. No other accident anywhere right now and the rest of your drive times Just look normal for this time of the commute. Are you and your friends, always the smartest ones in the room that had for Locos Grilling Pub. And when gift cards with DJ Trivia Mondays and Wednesdays, it's family friendly fun at Locos Growing pub. It sure would Plaza on the noted Dr in Gainesville. From the Access Wdun Hayes GMC Cadillac Traffic Center. I'm Caleb Hutchins. True or false. Solution. Any national financial problem is to increase the tax rate on the upper echelon of earners because they don't pay enough already, we're going to get an answer to that, just around the corner of our next guest. In the meantime, we take a look at business news from Fox brought to buy on trees. Ace Hardware. Thompson Bridge Road, Gainesville. I'm Liz claiming, and this is the Fox business report. Just the suggestion that the Federal Reserve might think about scaling back one of its programs to prop up the economy pushed stocks lower yesterday and the feds Minutes from its recent meeting, Some members said it might be appropriate in the future to talk about its bond buying program. If the economic recovery continues with rapid progress,.

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