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He wanted y'all supposed next to. Oh my guy. Wow I can't make that man. We thought bill was going down and we're GONNA take a picture on feels deathbed, and that's going to sell a million records and he did. It. Fuck you. Did so. I mean I. You know if bill would had his is closing shit, be cool with it. But. He had a fucking phone. On his head, the old brick foam. Actually it was like this big. He's sitting up on the. Like you see his legs and she. Like he was sitting up on that bitch like this. Like a big ass, man with a little short little legs, right? He's got his fucking band. Aid Off. This is. His is fucking sticking out like Halloween masks and I'm like Shit. Take. Just fucking Halloween costume. No Man from that point on bill has been like a Halloween like. Like a twenty four. Seven. Three sixty five bucks and Halloween costume. Bro He became chucky. He began Halloween costume because he was joker to. Your right and now he's. Was the last time you talked to them. Damn that long. Now. Decades I don't never talked to build the war. We're GONNA good..

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