The Deal, Russians Uranium One, Senate Judiciary Committee discussed on The Lars Larson Show


Until wednesday yesterday tonight on broadcasting from one of our affiliate stations kghm i in bellingham washington and tomorrow i'll be at the caveat i studios in seattle and had back to our home studios on monday so i got a few road miles to do and believe me i'm doing it on the road not in an airplane uh but especially with the weather here in the pacific northwest but this story about an fbi informant and the collusion between russia and hillary and bill clinton this thing needs to break wide open and it may be that the only way to get it done is to get the congo bruce to do that and i'll tell you something the congress ridley certain members of congress are actually trying to make that happen for example the washington examiner points out that senate judiciary committee chair chuck grassley republican of iowa is demanding that the justice department allow a formal former confidential in foreman to the fbi to speak to the congress even though the informant is still under a nondisclosure agreement now the real scandal here is that the reason that agreement came about at all is because of robert muller robert muller was running the fbi when this investigation was done between two thousand nine in 2013 and what did the investigation show again credit words due to the hill dot com they determined that the fbi got the informant they got documents they got witnesses and those pieces of information indicated that hillary clinton had signed off on the deal for uranium wanted to be sold to the russians uranium one holds twenty percent of america's uranium reserves the russians now own it that deal could only happen with the signnow of the surcharge state hillary clinton and as we pointed out previously one of the reasons that it took all those sign offs to make that deal happen is that when she was a senator hillary clinton worked to get legislation through that would make it difficult for any foreign entity to be able to buy uranium now this means since its conspiracy theory thursday i'll sure you share with you my conspiracy theory hillary clinton had in mind ways to make.

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