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Happens and how ugly it is. That's Nancy Pelosi. Nancy pelosi. Full-on desperation. Reeks of desperation. She's on the record. Discussing the very concept of lowering the voting age to sixteen. ACLU about it. Regards. Speech as far as sixteen year olds. Where do you see that going into the future? Well, I disagree with the ACLU on this. In terms of legislation. We couldn't be proud of an HR. This is about the role a big dark special interest money in politics, HR one. So we're clear is about limiting free speech. The ACLU is opposed to HR one. Just you know, exactly how strange bedfellows are on this subject. Tony cats. Great to be with you eight three three got Tony eight three three four six eight eight six six nine. But the question that was asked by Keri Pickett of the daily caller. Was where are you on the voting age lowering the voting age to sixteen and she gets to that answer. Empowering small donors. It's about ending voter suppression. It's about making districting fair. It's it's it's really a source of joy and hope to so many people in the country on myself. Personally, speaking from my caucus myself. It's always been for lowering the voting age to sixteen I think it's really important to capture kinsman they're in high school when they're interested in all of this. When they're learning about government to be able to vote. That is not necessarily, you know, another word some of the priorities in this Bill that transparency and openness and accessibility. And the rest she wants to capture the kids. I mean, this is this is an incredible way to say it. But at least it's honest owning h to succeed, I think it's really important to capture kinsman they're in high school when they're full on desperation. I. I have high schoolers who listen to the show high schoolers follow me on social media. And I'm and I'm never shy about two very important subjects number one. There's no such thing as a first amendment rights in highschool. No such thing as first amendment rights for students. Just doesn't exist. You go to school. That's what you do when they say. Oh, yes. We allow the students out to protest, but that that was that protests on your own time. When you do it in school and the school sanctions that it's not a protest. It's an activity it might as well be followed by punching cookies. Number two. You have to be twenty one to buy a gun, but you can vote at sixteen who the hell fuck this up. After the shooting Marjory stoneman Douglas high school, all we were told that we have to raise the age purchase a firearm. Dick sporting goods, which has now decided to get out of the gun business altogether. They decided on their own they were going to raise the age. They were not going to sell a long rifle to anybody under the age of twenty one states tried to change the laws like Florida to make sure they didn't sell long rifle to anybody under the age of twenty one because you can't be trusted with long rifle under the age of twenty one but sixteen year olds can vote. Yeah. Sure makes perfect sense. We are. So completely dishonest. About the very concept of the very idea of childhood, and adulthood. For political purposes. Look at how these people move and maneuver. You can't drink until you're twenty one. You can't purchase a firearm until you're twenty one. Now, they wanted to be you can't smoke until you're twenty one. But you could stay on your parents insurance till you're twenty six and you can vote when you're sixteen and you can have an abortion any damn time. You like. Oh, my. The abortion ones always interesting because there are some kids who actually can't tell their parents. This is another cultural fail to which we can work on. I argue that also very small number of kids. But it is amazing the places that we're willing to tell children they should have full agency. Full Rome full reign. Abortion and voting I put forth to you. The no sixteen year old can understand the issues. Well enough to vote they don't have the capacity. I would also argue that no eighteen year old does either. But we've decided that eighteen is the age of consent. And therefore we allow them to vote because we're more than willing to send them to war at eighteen. So I'm not going to sit here and somehow push for something. I know I can't win. I have before I have another subjects. But goodness gracious lowering the voting age sixteen is about desperation. Nancy Pelosi knows her ideas can't win a nation. She knows she has a problem culturally. And she is trying to secure the opportunity to grab people with heads full of mush who like things that are free to be able to get votes because the power is more important than the people. She has no interest in country. She only has an interest in party. Her ideology is more important than her humanity. Sixteen year olds allowed to vote. It is an ignorance concept that is only put forth by the most ignorant of people. The military. Has made a decision on the transgender? I talked to military dot com. Hope sack about what this means. That's coming up..

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