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It's just a lot yes pretty much. You saw everyone in the voyager cast and you just lead to some really cool topics and conversations and just a hang out that you don't normally get to see if you've listened to the drama the Delta quadrant episode of Omega Particle. Then you would probably know a lot of these like for example J. rhymes talking about how when she went to the bathroom with whole production has shutdown etc etc. And so if you've listened Opie p than you already know that cutting cutting edge of the STAR TREK universe Information it was other. I'll go into more detail of some stories coming up. I was most surprised at how the cast was so interactive and kind of chummy and Lovey dovey with one another because from the stories I researched and looked up while doing that drama episode. It didn't really seem that way. It just seemed okay. Come to work do your thing. Yeah we have finally pull some pranks but it's not as the level of the next generation cast but boy. I have to stand. Corrected was wrong in that draw episode. I made maybe about a month ago or so. I said the cable grew was dealing with a lot and that sometimes you never know what people are bring to work. And she actually elaborated on that. And when asked what's the best and worst part working on voyager and she said the worst part was when she got the job and she got to be Captain Janeway. Her boys were ten and eleven years old and so she rarely got the same. There's a lot of late night and so she's like I actually brought a lot of that on said unfortunately took it out on some people so like I said before you never know what people are dealing with and that insight. I didn't know that I didn't had I. I don't know that was first time revelation that she announced last night but to me was who's eye opening and say okay see you never know could be a lot could be a lot of things people are going through. I though that was nice insight and moment of vulnerability that normally we don't see through with very famous people but there was a lot of like fun facts. I didn't know like for example Roxanne and Robert. They play Tom. Pairs and the Lana on Voyager. And apparently they have this huge like Broadway background and they can seeing they can dan..

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