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I was curious if your friend who had came on the line he talked about his vivid dreams had taken melatonin because an overdose edge which would be three milligrams five milligrams or ten milligrams can actually caused that situation grams i mean point five point five thanks to wanna do and by the way for folks out there who care having a hard time finding point five the only place i've successfully found it and this is going to sound crazy trader joe's unbelievable your house brand melatonin comes in five hundred micrograms which is a half of a milligram which is perfect for most people so between a half and one and a half milligrams so i had my patients go there and they grab a bottle and it's i don't know it's like ten bucks or something and you know they can take one till two pillars three pills depending upon where they are in their schedule and things like that it's unbelievable there is a caveat here which is higher dosage of melatonin actually are used as contraceptives in europe and believe it or not melatonin is by prescription only in europe so it's not something that just fool around with and by the way please do not give melatonin to your children i can't think of anything worse for a young female developing body then and then at the addition of a contraceptive doesn't make sense to me now there is another caveat which is children who are on the autism spectrum children who are have asked burgers children who were on that kind of neuro behavioral spectrum those children actually do quite well on fairly high dosages of melatonin three and five milligram dosage melatonin so generally speaking if you got a normal as well as just a child it just don't happen to sleep very well melatonins probably not the answer however if you do have a child with these behavioral challenges in neuro cognitive challenges melatonin might actually be a a good a good treatment modality i wonder why balancer or something.

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