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You might want to make sure your your your dvr recording right now. Yeah it's one of those moments that happens on a monday after a big well. Let me rephrase that. A narrow two point win by the crimson tide. Legend is up next week. I'm picking teams but said gary swamp alive allow paul I thought i had to leave for. I don't have i expect. This is two games l. Row that i wanna stifle. Florida didn't have more time at the end of the day. It really is paul. And what really gets me all is. You're dead right paul. i went to and one. Oh said on my pets. Only loss was fourteen in house. yeah i subscribe. Subscribe to your service. So i i thought that was your top pick so i put all their. I moved all the cards to the table on that one file star. Paul i only get out five star three or four times in a season a five star the bronze i mean take golden totally. Screwed up paul. The people in alabama were cursing. Pete golden about five o'clock on saturday afternoon. I know i was in a lot of alabama. Megan excuse this fall. But i don't make excuses when it comes to sports and my team sucks they saw. I'm oriole fan for life. You know what i'm saying. Golden careful his his daddy's gonna call again and get after you remember. His father called to care. Greek around and super granddaddy calls term does not belong to as a tornado at the university of alabama. Paul i mean we're talking university of alabama. Twenty let me make sure. The i don't need i know we don't speak. English in audience does not need a translator. But we have a lot of people that pop in and out just to kinda get the temperature. I want people to understand. We have arguably the biggest alabama fan in the country legend calling in this program at this moment in time in his calling. You're calling for his head right. I'm calling for you all at his house right now. Fiction notice i've been telling the hell up somebody gave me jammie pruitt on the telephone right breaking now. We number thirteen goodbye. That's what i'm saying ball. That's offering and say right now to mason on the paul finebaum show. I'll tell them unto it when i tell it like it. Is you gotta love starters on defense. That mel kiper. Not the login male again typer past project kitchen mock draft as nfl. Traffics and do 'em re jones sit in the pocket book all frigging day. What the hell is wrong with this man. I mean it. These tackle the motive sets. Everybody knows them. Jones under pressure does not a very good quarterback but except frigging golden. Paul team in the nation not have the best coordinators and then they said well. Why do you say nick. Sabin continues to stand by his man. He says last year and is currently number one in the country. I mean he must be married to somebody coasts. I love kotze even our rat leading to the gates. But we're gonna lose chips as the key kid. I miss my and the cannot coach ball. He cannot frigging coats and one leads to go to bill ryan house and take him winning paul. You don't like bill. O'brien hell no where become an offense snapping the ball with three seconds on the play clock. I'll tell you when we when bill o'brien showed up in town paul case we have swallowed dial every frigging game. We were snapping. The ball eighty flyer towns. The game just seems to go and now we georgia does all. Suddenly we're west. Thanks thanks shopping looking to the sidelines. Three or four more times when to hell that office t if not that. We don't have the best team. And then they sent our assistant coaches at the very top sook. And that's the really out alabama football right. Now we've had a change coaches so many times that we finally got to a place. Where coach just. Oh and that's the real truth of the matter. Bill ryan trying to send to Watch the clock staff at one second. Oh what the hell peak goad. Install one because damn showing golden paul. And that's just the truth of the friggin matter but I mean we want. I'm happy about that. You know what i'm saying. We don't get one second you. I just wanted to make sure i'm hearing you correctly. Okay you're legend bell bama fan for life and you have just call alive for the defensive coordinator to be fired and the offensive coordinator. These be right behind him. And my hearing you correctly. Yes when peak go in kansas city limits of tuscaloosa. And how it's rattler all o'brien craft and also to. That's what i'm saying paul. Now who lettuce legend we need. The you gotta gotta final thought. I don't want to get your way. I've got tasting show fees for a day. I'm all into florida mason. Congratulations you Less than out. Oh my goodness helped me with. Just randy bama won the game right to didn't cover which may be the root of all this anxiety and hanks but they're still number one in the country and you got legend calling for a complete overhaul other than say let's get. Let's take a break. We need a break. We'll get your reaction to all of that in just a moment. Listening to paul finebaum. Show podcast this rex. Ryan and bart scott. We'd both bennett. Espn for a bit now..

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