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The other Nats are doing rob wood fork. And Robbie there. Okay, we're going to check back with rob here. Actually, rob you there? We'll check back with rob in a couple minutes here on WTO. And coming up after traffic and weather, how House speaker Kevin McCarthy is characterizing a call with President Biden over the debt limit. Traffic in the D.C. region is constantly changing. If you spot a major incident that we're not already reporting, call the WTO traffic center. At 8 6 6 three O four WTO P that's 8 6 6 three O four WTO P. All right, well, rob, sorry, we have a Senate issue there. Let me see if this will work again. Let's try rob wood fork in sports. What's happening? There we go. Here we go. And let's see if the nationals just close it out. They did 6 to four win over the Detroit tigers. And Detroit scored three unanswered runs, most of that damage coming against Andres Machado, but Josiah gray gets the win despite issuing 6 walks during his 5 innings of three hit one run ball with a pair of strikeouts, then that's bats. Thanks to a strong start getting this wind home runs by ill demoral Vargas and Riley Adams. The Orioles trying to complete a sweep of the Toronto Blue Jays. Looks like that one about to go to extra innings there there in the bottom of the 9th inning tied two two, final round of the PGA Championship. It is Brooks Koepka, the leader at 7 under, one stroke better than Victor hovland, koepka's string of three straight birdies on his front 9 today, but back to back bogeys, keeping things a little interesting. The mystics got double doubles from Shakira Austin and Elena delle donne but they suffered their first loss of the season 80 to 74 in Connecticut. There's a rematch with the sun here in D.C. Tuesday and on the men's side the Miami heats tried to take a commanding three zero series lead over the Boston Celtics tonight. Rob woodfork WTO sports. Thank you, rob. Your car donation to vehicles for

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