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Tatum was almost all my wife stress last year old because his tuxedo was so ill-fitting. You're you're saying. Where was the taylor next. We have olivia rodrigue wearing saint laurent adorable. Don't understand the reference not my best dressed by any means but really is bechtel respectable. Look okay we need to start moving faster because there's literally sorry alicia keys in a white ball gown white shirt yellow cute didn't offend me but also do anything for me next. We have megan fox. We talk about our presence there. She was wearing Done this dress style by obviously maeve and we need to talk about it all and uk. Wasn't there neither travis. Including like i don't understand. They walked out of the carlyle hotel when everyone was leaving for the macau and all the fans and paparazzi were there and they walked out in regular clothes and like onto a cab and went to dinner bar. Yeah like yeah so also. I thought megan would be there because like they. Are you know the new hot couple. But he wasn't even there was he on her own accord has she been to the met gala before. No there's like this thing that megan fox was blackballed from like society in two thousand nine. So i think this was like a really big deal for her. Yeah and i don't understand why. Mgk wouldn't have gone. He's so relevant right now. They are this high couple. Here's a concert tonight in the city. I'm going to here so like he's here. Yeah i don't know so he wasn't invited or i can't imagine he wouldn't wanna go like he went to the ama's and yeah so same travis and coordinating like good for her forgetting invited on her own and not good for her for those bangs..

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