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Effectively right there. Anyway. Progressive support by 85 to 15%. It goes on and on moderates 58 to 36% is leading among Hispanics 61 2 34. That's not great. Blacks 87 to 11. If Trump could get 11 per cent of the black vote 34% of the Hispanic vote. He's a shoo in. Trump, the Paul wrote. Leads among fellow Republicans 94 to 6%. Voters 50 to 64 53 to 45% voters over 65 50 to 47% those the ones I was talking to last hour like what's up? Evangelicals 68 to 32% conservative 78 18% very conservative. That would be people like me. 92 to 8%. He also is ahead among white 56 to 40%. I guess we have to hate whites. And parents of Children under 17 living at home 54 to 40%. Isn't that interesting? And zombie rights. Contrary, my own observations. This is in Delhi wire. Looks like the president has not been hurt by his debate performance nor his hospitalization is 47% performance is actually one point higher than his vote percentage in 2016, for now, a pierced of consolidated his base of White's parents, conservatives, men in his own party's voter. Voters. Joe Biden looks as if he's on his way to doing the same with his base. His numbers among Hispanics a respectable but not quite at Thesixty 6 67 he really needs The same with blacks. His 86% is better than our last fall. But he needs to hit 90. This is why, and I kept telling you why I told you You know, to August's ago, I told you why they were going after Trump on race because It was showing that black males 20 to 25% of black males were thinking about voting for Trump. So they have. Are you a A white supremacist? Are you are Are you Are you prepared to say that you're against white supremist Interviews withheld that question come from That's why That's why Ah, let's see here. His 86%. That is binds with blacks is better than our last ball. But he needs to hit 90%, especially in those key battleground states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Georgia. Biden 60 to 35% lead among younger voters is about where he needs to be our last bullet. Biden leading strongly among independents, But now the two candidates Are tied with 12% undecided. Just so you know, Zogby got 49 out of 50 states right in 2008. With Sam Listen, wrote about Zogby's predictions in 2016, which were actually quite good as well. Ah and Two. Opposite Poles. So what does this mean? So you go to the dance the national pulse. I read this stuff. Morning, noon and night. This is a site. I said, you really need to check it out the national pulse. And one of the reasons is Tthe e editor in chief is Raheem Kassam, who is terrific. A new poll from the Democracy Institute and the Sunday Express reveals that the election would look like if pollsters didn't routinely wait their samples heavily in favor Democrats. Donald Trump comes out ahead by one point has reported by the national polls. Editor in chief Rahim Kasan. Pollsters routinely created a weighted sample that over represents Democrats. In order to create a false impression. The Republican candidates are trailing the latest buying Trump head to head Paul from the NBC Wall Street Journal. That's the one that says bags 14% ahead. Does precisely that. Now, a Sunday Express Democracy Institute poll shows Donald Trump of the lead because it doesn't wait against Republicans. The Sunday Express. David Maddox reported as follows the monthly Democratic Institute Some Sunday Express, Paul For the presidential election shows Trump is still on course for victory with 46%. Versus buying with 45 Paul was completed after the news broke the president. His wife, Melania, have been infected with covert 19. But 68% said the illness will not affect their vote. While 19% said they were more likely to support Trump only, 13% said, less likely One of the reasons you've had a drum paid for three days. Trump didn't tell us Trump was irresponsible and Trump doesn't like the Secret Service. All lies. Crucially, Mr Trump's lead in key swing states, including Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. Remains at 4% by 47% to 43%. All of the polls have Biden ahead. The Democracy Institute, which correctly predicted Brexit and Trump's win 2016 on Lee considers people identifies likely voters. Rather than all registered voters and also asked about the so called shy vote. So, while the NBC Wall Street Journal Poll samples, 8% points more Republicans The democracy institute poles. Methodology is more, fairy writes. The national poll is a margin of error point have exceeded 2.5. And so they have the turnout model as 37%, Democrat 35% Republican 28% in depends. 37 35 28. So who's right? I have no idea. No idea. I just don't want you to be dispirited with this well binds 14 points. Does anybody believe the Biden is going to be trumped by 14 points? Mr Producer I mean, seriously, folks. In 2000 for when I was sitting behind this microphone, Mr Big Hotel. He's been with me every year step of the way and the numbers were coming in from the What do they call them the when they don't have the vote when they start asking The exit polls. Did Carrie leading Bush by 16 points in Pennsylvania. Remember that? And I said to Mr Producer and you my own. Don't follow these exit polls. They're way off. I had callers calling in ready to jump off the roof. I said, Well, these exit polls were wrong. I'm telling you, they're wrong. There is no way Cary beats Bush by 60 in Pennsylvania. He may beat Bush in Pennsylvania, but not by 16. It's not gonna happen. And of course, it wasn't even close. So I want you to think nationwide for Biden to be trumped by 14 points nationwide. That means he kills in virtually every state, including some red state. You think biters.

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