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The strahan's. What's the question listening to ernest. I want to rob. Would we want to make sure we get down here on the okay. I was telling us what's up. He's being right up front. Hey we're gonna we're gonna do this. And it's going to create a demand for bandwidth and i'm going Okay you know so. We get more bandwidth onto do what my more bandwidth and i'm going. I need something. There's got to be something that comes out of this. And and he's saying that This market place abandoned infrastructure. There creating you know is going to have where it can trade because we ran into this in manchester patrick in manchester One of the free staters there was going to go to do the meshing. And we're going to negotiate and get the cheaper and more back faster. You know faster service cheaper service. It's a marketplace and it all comes down on a play when i go screw you guys. What have we got our own cube sat. What if we got our own mesh network where we got you get down to the city in a enough density or small community and it's house top the house top. We got her own and you can come deliver it through us. Get paid about that okay. Well that's something i'm interested in. That might be something that you'll know. They're building towards him working towards helped me out. Caleb what you got. Yeah yeah. That's exactly we're going toward end Yeah if you're doing a mesh network as a hobby thing then it's easy for a telco. Say no we're not going to allow you to use our our internet connection. But if you're able to run your own fiber for instance You can actually compel the telcos to To run your fiber telephone poles using anti-monopoly law. So you can do it. It just costs. Money is fiber is real money and when you get into real money and then that's always the thing with infrastructure is the infrastructure requires money and that's why we need to have a marketplace and the unique thing about the pk. Tea banh with marketplace is that we're focusing on being able to sell bandwidth as a commodity so as soon as you put that fiber up you're going to be able to or your hardware is going to be able to start selling bandwidth leases into that marketplace. And so you're going to be recouping a lot of the investment that you put into that fiber owl's right away that's the concept we're going for so this is if i'm out loud. I went through this with mining. You know Well who would buy these miners also make money from them. All right bye bye. You know miners. I make money and they pay themselves off and go. I won't get some more and i get that. And then they didn't you know but you know what we we made a bunch of minors and we've got much capacity and we got a lot of transactions that can be done and a lot of the speeds young so we got an infrastructure. While i'm going all right to benefit whom and i'm going all right so who who who's gonna get the benefit of this. I'm just more bandwidth. And i'm like all right what i'm looking for and hopefully You can help with. It would be great to have the infrastructure of regardless of how it's generated you know it's over dial up satellite you know hand signals. Whatever is that. The transfer of data be at ones and zeros. Going somewhere can negotiate for a quality speed and price. So what's the infrastructure that you're creating. That can be used to do that. So i mean that's what we're talked about your the. If you think about it you know you buy you buy dozen odd reference cards and you'd put them as minors and you know that's money out and then you then. Of course the economics change in those miners aren't really working and you now have a bunch of graphics cards but if you bring a fiber into your neighborhood and it doesn't matter if the economics change because you look at that neighborhood and you've got one hundred people in your just your small neighborhood and those hundred people each paying fifty bucks a month to Centralize is peace and now because you brought fiber your house and you put an antenna on on your roof now. All those hundred people are using internet through a decentralized system is rooted in your fiber. That's a hundred times fifty people one hundred fifty dollars. That is no longer being spent from your neighborhood. So that's real value. That's being brought community by installing this infrastructure. That's what i need. I give you a perfect example He's a big. It guy made a bunch of money. He was No comes out of. Mit he helps Aol set up their servers in the eighty s. He goes yeah. These guys got money. Know what's going on and you know they're the fat or something. Cia whatever so he's going well at least they're gonna they're gonna they're gonna make some money. So he buys a bunch of stock. It goes up to like eighty and then it took a plummet or whatever when it was he sells. He gets a nice farm hundreds no acres in arizona. He's moving from massachusetts. And i live in arizona. Well what am i going to do. I'm sitting here you know and entertain myself or does he do. He creates a company and he brings in internet microwave or whatever he did from one of the mountains air and then he sold it just like anywhere. You go out in rural areas. They'll go ooh. Ceo of your call this and it's on some telephone pole there. You don't have an internet. Get my internet and you get half mag up and down or some crap like that. So he goes in east chelsea brings in the internet and then he sells it and to people and it's like you know better than nothing barely internet but they got internet. So that's what you're talking about. What i'm looking for is the infrastructure now. What he's doing is he's processing it and send it out and they get past but he's pulling it in from the big telkom or something and redistributing it now if you have a mesh network and anywhere. Somebody's got it. You know anybody can be part of this. You know and sell whatever data that they got. What's different about what you're doing what he's doing not a lot except that he can look at what you're doing on the internet and you With this system you won't be able to. You can't spy on your neighbors. Your neighbors can't file you. Because cj dns all encrypted this is based on it's just end to end encrypted by default. It's always encrypted. There's no way for it to not be cryptic okay so by doing the first thing. Packet dot cash created a bunch of band with that. Then you can start use for something else. When its value the mind goes down. Yeah exactly.

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