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Fifty years some stuff it feels longer senior in college with regard to his death does seem like quite a long time especially when you look at the footage pbs is running something this week and i did watch a bit of that last night or the night before he can't remember which but there was a story about the life of king and his final days that sort of thing and it does when you look at the cars and you look the buildings you look at the people what they're wearing it does seem like quite a while ago victoria in in that way i might note in passing and that's not supposed to be a pun another person that was important in many people's minds to the movement forward for blacks in this world winnie mandela who is cursed by some and loved by others the wife of nelson mandela who seemed to have been someone in charge in a way there are a lot of stories were here i don't know what's true and what isn't frankly she was married for thirty eight years to nelson mandela and the fact that she was with somebody else because he was in they were married for thirty eight years but he's in jail for two thirds of that time so she was with somebody else and that caused a lot of upset in some corners she was jailed a couple of times because we're activism but she passed away at the age of eighty one so there is a supposedly there was going to be i believe it might be in production there is a movie about her life and jennifer hudson is going to play when he meant yeah they ever met but i think that would be an interesting story because she was quite a controversial figure she was not a my read on her was that she was not a nice lady right person she was she was very much ended for herself and nelson mandela i didn't ever get that same read from him in his you know i was the first person to interview him after he was inaugurated as president and i had the privilege of being invited by the south african government to go to johannesburg and witnessed the.

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