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You got the win not to say yesterday and it looked you know i thought we're going to have a one to three here with a few strikeout walk why not that's true and yell scoring position but he got he got the ball and and that was that but yeah no yeah this a lot i would agree early on the season obviously with the the the number and then you know coming in yesterday but like i said you've got you're gonna have to stretch the starters out a little bit more and i think they know that to obviously they want to go deeper than the finding a third which seems regular whatever but 'cause it's it is gonna tax your bullpen eventually even with two guys out there who can give you a multi endings like disown lugo cesspit issued sits in i missed a game yeah he's not hitting you know i mean it's amazing you've got more than hates he's got twelve bobby is eleven hands yeah you made some nice defensive plays you had a terrific game friday that great play against the wall and any through that guy outgoing third and he was thinking about with the playwright lorenzo cain getting but he's he's not he's he's behind an account all the time he takes the first pitch all the time and he's always behind and account always seems like he's always nolan to look look i love they got off to a twelve to two start you can afford to sit of i would not play him tonight i would not i mean i mean that wasn't the weather isn't migrate he fought through the the flu what's alarming to be strikeout is twenty six yes fifty eight at bats and you know when when he's made contact even week contact something good has happened the other blue kit down in miami that gotta run in i think the game winner and another flare i think the right field against milwaukee that brought to run home as well too so you know you're not exactly killing the ball but he is making contact as you mentioned you know the twelve rb is a lot of hits but the strike outs awami twenty six and that the aid is is a bit much and you know the.

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