Meany President Obama, President Trump, Eight Years discussed on Keepin' It Real with Rev. Al Sharpton


President Barack Obama's. Greatest and most memorable legacy. Be. To black Americans. He. Meany President Obama. Made no promises. Therefore, there were no promises to be kept. Throughout two years of campaigning in eight years of being the most powerful man on earth, President Obama road the racial fence and used flowery rhetoric in hopes of magically achieving the impossible. He tried to take race out of race matters in racial inequalities. If debtor providing wheelchairs to blacks, historically, crippled by mainstream of society. He chose to provide wheelchairs to other more socially preferred and less effect groups in reality. There were no incentives for Barack Obama to identify with an represented black Americans since he did not campaign in black neighborhoods and promised them nothing for the votes in loyalties. President Obama was a colorblind president who was a master of using soaring rhetoric and supporting symbolic activities that were emotionally gratifying to black Americans. Therefore, black Americans must bear some of the blame for the behavioral indifference that President Obama exhibited toward his own people. Too long. Black Americans have been satisfied with receiving nothing or just emotional satisfaction. When black person is elevated to a high level position because of their support black must exercise greater critical thinking and evaluate black public officials.

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