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Chance. Hi. Amy. Sorry about that. I hope you can hear me now. Better perfectly. All right. So the people have been frustrated actually ever since the awarding of the Olympics in 2013 off because he was only two and half years after the disaster. And since then with the neoliberal policies, people's lives are getting harder and harder and when it comes to the Olympics, it seemed like there are endless of little money that they can pour into. But also like the past years is the beginning of the pandemic, we are told to not go outside, the restaurants that. Close we are told that we cannot get PC all testing because it results in the false positive to that are not good for controlling the virus. And but in the end, when you look at the Olympics when she gets are coming into Japan, and many of them are not even stay in the protocol. Following through the current King rules, even the Thomas. He's dead. Hiroshima, only three days. Right over the quarantine. And the hibakusha have been very angry about this. Like, do not use the Olympics, 2 piece washable, and do not use the Hiroshima, two-piece watch the Olympics off and also like the PCO testing part. If they are going to test the Olympic athletes every day, to keep it safe. Why didn't why they didn't provide that to the Japanese people? I haven't gotten even the one beside chest or what about the in-house? So satoko itani, can you talk about Toyota spent a billion dollars to promote the games. Now has removed all Olympic related commercials meaning commercials that include the Olympics that are so often played through the games because of their embarrassment that this is moving forward. And apparently, the head of Toyota said these games shouldn't be moving forward. Right? I mean, you know, as you mentioned, the vast majority of Japanese people don't want this games. And people are seriously, really concerned about their own lives. And if you look at the, you know, Sportsters making a lot of money off of this game that are people's life, might be a risk, it is really damaging event image, damaging image, right? So this is quite a historic that the Olympic sponsors thought their Association was the Olympics is a negative. What are your biggest concerns with the Olympic athletes? I mean, at this point we see something like over a hundred have tested positive coming in from all over the world. Not just athletes but staff and those numbers only increase the number of other athletes actually have just quit saying they can't deal with the pressure and the isolation but talk about what people are asking for instead. Well, a lot of people that I speak to here especially the ones protect processing are asking for the cancellation immediately and as soon as possible because the bubble that they say you know even working as you just mentioned over a hundred cases. Now so athletes and visitors are not protected and the you know public of Japanese people here are also not. And what's really concerning is that the number of the new infection is going up quite rapidly, largely due to the Delta variance coming in but because all the Olympic is happening. The government has been a really failed to stop that coming into Japan. So, we are for the dark, the sorry. The researchers are warning that they will be worth three thousand cases in Tokyo along daily with him maybe few weeks. And yeah, this is really, really serious situation. And the hospital is already strained. Can you talk about the hospitals and also marginalized khong? Days like the lgbtq + community, and how they're affected and how many people are vaccinated what percentage of the people of Japan have access to vaccines off. So, so we started to hear the reports from the hospitals that they are bits. Are started to fill up. And there are actually thousands of cases of thousands of people waiting to be hospitalized. This means that their situation. Although the condition is worsening fast and they should be hospitalized but they cannot find the hospital best to go into and just about 23% of Japanese people or residents of Japan have been fully vaccinated. So 80% of people are not Which brings us back to Jules boy, cough with this Mass protests happening. Even the highest levels of Japanese government not wanting to this, to go forward. But basically ioc says, a deal is a deal. Talk about how much money they make off these Olympics and BC paid a fortune for running the Olympics. Over the years, they will broadcast not clear what they will show of the stadiums. Since there are very few people outside of the athletes performing That's right. There is a lot of money. Sloshing through the Olympics system, it just tends to slash upwards into Pockets that are already. Filled NBC is about 40% of the international Olympic committee's revenues and overall in terms of the Olympics, 73% of the revenues for the international Olympic Committee come from Castro fees. And I think that helps explain why they're perfectly content to have a made-for-tv event without all those people in the stands. Of course, they prefer to have them in the stands, but even if they don't offer me continues to flow into their coffers, NBC has announced that even though these games are hit with a pandemic and people won't be in the seats. This could well be the most profitable Olympics office for NBC because of ads sales and other measures the corporate sponsors, provide another 18% of the revenues for the international Olympic Committee. And I think we're seeing a really interesting divide between the coughing Sponsors right now, on one hand, the sort of long-term worldwide partners that fork over these nine-figure fees to be associated with the five rings. They're basically playing the long game with the exception of Toyota, which is, of course, has strong base in Japan, the local sponsors domestic sponsors by. Which by the way, they, they raised more than three billion dollars from local, corporate sponsors, Japan more than ever before, they're in a much trickier position. And I think that's why you're seeing Toyota, basically say out loud that the Olympics have become a toxic property inside of Japan. So there's plenty of money to be had it just tends to shuffle to the international Olympic Committee to broadcasters to the corporate Partners as well as to real estate interests in the Olympics City. Let's see. I think NBC has paid something like seven point, seven billion dollars to are the Olympics through 12:32. Joules, boycotts. I mean, you played in the Olympics years ago. Let's talk about some of the people who have pulled out, like the two-time US. Paralympic swimmer, Becka, Myers, who's won three, gold medals, two Silvers and a bronze. But she announced Tuesday, she's withdrawn from the Tokyo 2026 Olympics. After being denied and Essential Medical accommodation. Myers was born. Deaf with Progressive sight loss to do assure syndrome in an emotional opinion page for USA Today. She wrote quote, since 2017, the United States, Olympic and paralympic committee has approved the use of a personal care assistant whom I know and trust to be with me log. International swim meets because of my disabilities, but not this year. What happens? If there is an emergency in the middle of the night? What if we need to be moved from one venue to another quickly? Masks, distancing have made it incredibly difficult for me to make out what people are doing or saying if I don't have someone I can trust. How can I trust? That I will be safe. Meyers Road. She spoke on CNN about.

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