Hollywood, LA, Donald Trump discussed on Larry Elder


Is a letter a friend of mine who is an out of the cloud to conservative works in Hollywood brought to me about an exchange he had with industry vet whose career spanned at least thirty years but this industry that is not out of the closet as a conservative twenty one and the vet knew other people around and did not want to let anybody know that he knew this at the club the conservative quote privacy at the close to conservative I gave me a hug and say good bye by the time I reached my car outside already tax me twice he apologized for not taking an active role in the discussion and he said that there were people present in the office cubicles nearby a didn't want to have to argue with him after that or be treated differently at the office because he said anything that could be interpreted as pro trump he said he had to protect his job and that he really couldn't risk talking to me that's Hollywood the tolerant people who love everybody will destroy you if you disagree with them it's ridiculous and scary but it's real and I doubt most people outside of LA would believe to what extent you could be a criminal or illegal alien or Palestinian terrorists and they would lead to your defense and support your rights but god forbid you're Republican or trump supporter you're the enemy and they're blatantly against you and proud of it that's all this is the world I work every day and it's disgusting I grew up in a country where people even total strangers would say that they might disagree with my opinions but they would fight to the death to defend my right to speak my mind those days are gone apparently now they would fight to the death to keep me from talking I just thought you'd want to hear this welcome to Hollywood in trump's America Ben Shapiro somehow finagle interviews a lot of top Hollywood producers they assume that he was a left wing guy doing a study on Hollywood he that did not realize it binge appear was a conservative who's trying to expose how bigoted Hollywood is against conservatives many of them spoke and spoke on the record and agreed to be taped one of them is Fred Silverman Fred Silverman used to head up it ABC NBC and CBS he explained how lefties dominate TV right now there is only one perspective and it's a very progressives perspective and I don't even you know if you want the specter of his stomach it's not available in comics let's start there this is a guy named David shore he the creator of houses and what he says the idea that there's you know some sort of political blacklist in Hollywood where if you're right wing or it's too high you can't get a job what you make of that currently.

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