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I return often during the season of lent to this wonderful tool that helps to see the truth. The India Graham. It's a sacred map that helps identify our unconscious and subconscious motivations it's circles around nine principal types of human nature and your India Graham number reveals your path of transformation and healing and it also reveals your path of disintegration when you're not living an attentive life that's what contemporary prayer does it. Dismantles are unconscious compulsions for power and affection and esteem and allows the Holy Spirit to flow more freely through US and to help us heal our loved ones and our community. But I want to leave you with this. One thought always remember this one thought from the teaching of Jesus in his most powerful story the parable of the Prodigal son. We learned that this son who demanded his inheritance and went off and lived it A life of complete a disarray and spending all of his money and worthless pursuits and the father longing for his son to return in that image. It's important to realize that that product child was always a son of his father. It never changed. It's just that he was completely unaware of the gifts and the healing and the power and the beauty and wonder of his relationship with his father and the son in the parable. Who was the dutiful son? Always working hard and wouldn't enter into the celebration and God. The father says to him my son everything I have is already yours. Both of the sons were prodigal in their own way but they were always the children of their father. I find this a reframing of lent to see it as about paying attention and removing the blinders of our illusory life and self fulfillment in order to feast on the life that is already ours in Jesus thus to say that God turns away from the sinful is like saying that the sun hides itself from the blind. I hope that you are encouraged to explore the season of lent. Perhaps maybe it would require a digital minimalism. Maybe it's time to pull back from social media. That's one thing that I'm going to do this lent. I'll be using it very minimally. And then I want to expand and enlarge my experience of creation. The creation is where I see. Got It work as well. Just to walk. Justice spend time looking at the water flowing through a wonderful lake. Laura the ocean or in the sky just spending time quietly alone. In God's creation can bring such restoration to our soul so during the season of land. Let's live at out. Let's become present to ourselves by creating space in our hearts to see know who we truly are. In God. To find practical ways we can claim and reclaim our true identity in God and to cultivate an inward presence an attentiveness to God and solitude and silence.

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