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Let me get into some of the context of baby boy. Let's talk baby boy a little bit as you said griffin he wrote. It is a novel. Initially that's where the womb stuff comes. Sprinting complete it. Right but he started off And i mean this. This is the quota after we griffin. I assume you're looking at our doc on this. It's so funny just like what's the genesis of the project and he's like the idea came from sitting around the crenshaw mall south central watching these cats. They walk in with no shirts on. They're twenty years old. They're flirting with teenage girls. One minute than some other guys come into the mall and there's a fight. I thought i want to write about one of these cats. What's he doing with his life. Just wandering around aimlessly all of the heroes. Actions are defined by his fear of dying. He has this. I don't give a fuck attitude allows in the freedom of not realizing he's afraid so he's just like see people hanging out he's like what's up with these guys that's a movie like rubbing stones together. Well this is the other sub-genre movie falls into that is one of my personal favorites. Which is kind of like director imagines what their life would have been like if things have gone different. Yeah right like 'cause you consider that. He was making boys in the hood at the age of this character. Yes and i think it is is him looking at the mall and being like it like you know i think i. I have an oscar nomination. I made five movies but just as easily. None of that could have happened. An oscar nomination. I defied expectations apple. Right right lake. I it's it's the reason i talked about this extensively when we did the episode has been the reason i love ed wood so much as i do feel like ed wood is tim. Burton looking at would and being like. I don't understand why i'm successful in this guy isn't like i don't understand what the differences between the two of us other than people like my movies and they don't kiss and i think singleton has that same kind of thing where it's like. There's a very fine line here and so much. You know his films are. I feel like if anything. The biggest theme of his movies is like you know fathers and the lack there of and how they define development in lives right and this is sort of like okay what what happens if i don't have a data around. Maybe you know whereas like boys in the hood is so much about what if you get sent to your father's and he's kind of shapes your entire life That'll make also there's the to park thing of like he's writing this for two puck right and it seems like he feels like a lot of kinship with to park as a fellow like slightly wayward person who got famous really young and was overwhelmed by it like you know. He's really shaken up by two puck dying. Yeah i mean this is the amazing to quote which is from hollywood. A reporter piece. Where he says he had all too was was a baby. Boy he didn't know whether he wants to be a thug. Or revolutionary he had all this brilliant but not enough time or purpose and no mentoring all and by the time. Somebody was ready to mentor him. He wasn't ready to accept it. That's this whole thing of this generation thinking they know everything and they don't know shit and that was from an interview. He did like late in his life in two thousand fourteen where he was sort of looking back in his whole career but he was like pitching this movie to pack. When they were making poetic justice he was like you know. This is your mean streets. And then now i'm gonna make your taxi driver. I'm gonna make your raging bull like you're going to be my deniro Here's a movie. I'm writing for you. It's going to be the one that legitimizes you it gets you an oscar and then yeah when to died the movie sort of got like stalls slowed down for a while right until i think he felt. Maybe while being gummed up in like the gears of shaft like i want to get back and make something more personal again it is. I guess i just didn't realize the terachi napping in anything obviously therese is defined as an actor. He takes this to columbia and like they're the only studio the wants to make it because of boys in the hood. They're like all right. You know we can sell it as like it's quote unquote spiritual sequel and this is another thing to think about is. There was a point in time. Where major studio could look at a movie like this and go. It only costs us fifteen million dollars. What's the risk will still release it. White in the middle of summer against blockbusters. Yes yeah right. Whatever and now studios. Just don't even bother with a movie this small. It would not even be a consideration for them. Even though it's kind of hard to lose money on a movie of this size yeah. I don't think this movie lost money right. After singleton died his family sued sony and they paid him half a million dollars in royalties from this movie that they had been hiding. Wait bullshit right. Yes but you know cost fifteen million dollars. It made thirty. I'm sure sony was like yeah. Sorry it didn't it. Sold it for a bunch of money to cable at probably sold a bunch of dvd's many times.

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