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Company affiliates snapshot not available in California North Carolina or from all agents I'm twenty two on KNX gas prices are down again sharply at today across southern California by a lot in some areas average price regular gas in LA county dropped eight tenths of a cent to just over three fifty four a gallon which is the lowest in almost a year and see it happening drop puts the new average there exactly three fifty four gallon that's also the lowest since last March prices also down big today in San Diego Ventura county and the Inland Empire southern California gaining a stronger foothold in the state's electric vehicle industry and to report for the Los Angeles economic development corporation finds that nearly half of the Eevee related jobs in the state are in southern California Maine you mainly in LA and orange counties senior director Judy Kruger tells connects they're all types of jobs and employment in the industry is growing much faster than other sectors signers it's equipment manufactures its electric power generation and transmission its motors it's transportation equipment software and arts dealerships as well so it's really quite an electric vehicle cluster that has cropped up with delivery and supply chain being in southern California as well that is supporting the electric vehicles who says she expects continued growth as the state looks reaches goal to five million electric vehicles on the road by twenty thirty have escaped my ACLU attorneys found a lot of school districts in southern California are taking funds meant to help high need students and diverting the money to school police and security measures so study began with some students and promoter found that their school district was trying to spend millions of dollars intended for high needs students on law enforcement and security instead Victor Lee young is the deputy litigation director for the ACLU of southern California we look at district a hundred thirty six districts across three counties in southern California and found forty percent of districts are spending illegally spending funds meant for high needs students online portion of the hardening measures contends that under the law districts cannot do that they must spend the money on the high need kids like foster youth English learners and low income students and the communities themselves really needs holder district the kind of hoping to participate in these cars good properties he tells can axe the Pomona students were able to convince their school district to add more counselors any notes that many of the districts were sorely lacking in counselors social workers psychologists and school nurses John bear KNX ten seventy newsradio to more virus cases have.

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