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Mandible yeah if you're looking for the perfect gift dallas for a baseball fan specifically lumber lynn co got you covered at steroids to they've hollowed out the bat barrel and created the coolest drinking mug ever i actually use it as a spinner i actually have my my jared corrobos mug i used for drinking and i spit in dallas mug it's the perfect if you if you're dip guy they're fully customizable and perfect to commemorate any special occasion event or wedding as seen on the not these are personalized bat mugs the groomsmen gift that they'll cherish forever i'm probably never gonna get married but if i did it's the perfect gift for me to give to my friends but get jared loves baseball obviously is going to give us a baseball gift you can customize them with colors we have the starting nine logo on hours they got the blue they got the red it's really fancy looking you can do names there's dallas brayden right on a spitzer taxed got i don't even know what it'd probably i don't even know what it has under douses name but it's probably got some sort of description about how used to play professional baseball it's great it's a great reminder that every day i wake up when i get to say dallas brayden is not only my co worker but he's my friend or if there's a youth team you can put the logo right on there it creates the ultimate gift or any baseball player fan coach parent you name it they love it you can check out their new penance series featuring thirty unique designs for all thirty major league baseball locations it's the perfect gift for diehard baseball fans you can drink straight from the barrel you can spit directly into the barrel all season long with the lumber co bat mug the official mug of america's pastime their one hundred percent handmade which like robinson connote taking steroids our respect the shit out of that there one hundred percent and made in the usa and designed.

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