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And said that he would be fully vindicated. There is no circumstance. Whatsoever. Which I will bear false witness against the president stone was arrested in the predawn hours. By about a dozen FBI agents who swarmed his home in south Florida and adviser to the Trump campaign and a friend of the president for nearly four decades. Stone is charged with five counts of lie one count of obstruction and one count of witness tampering stone, the sixth associate of the president charged in Robert Muller's investigation closer to home. A man makes a startling discovery. This morning when he opens up his business on the northwest side of Detroit, that's refounded dead body described as between thirty five and forty years old. And apparently beaten about the head was found lying in the snow in an alley behind a church and in abandoned barber shop and an automotive repair facility was the owner of that facility that discovered the body arrived for work and was opening a shop and found the man unresponsive in the alley behind his business called police police. Determine the man was dead on the scene at apparently had been beaten about the head. They canvassed the neighborhood. But as far as we know no suspects yet on the northwest side. Mike Campbell w j NewsRadio nine v a Saint Clair county man under arrest over his alleged relationship with a minor county. Sheriff's deputies say they got a call from concerned parents. They said their minor daughter had been sneaking out of the family's home in Saint Clair township at night to meet an adult man detective staff, Dan, and as the girl online setting up a meeting with the man he was taken into custody when he showed up for the meeting. The suspect is in jail and awaiting charges of costing a minor for immoral purposes. Sandra McNeill, WW J NewsRadio nine fifty a lengthy prison. Sentence ahead for a local man in the killing of a transgender woman. A Detroit judge has sentenced Antoine Simmons to eighteen to forty five years behind bars after he was convicted of being responsible in the death of Kelly sto- in December Simmons. Attacks sto as she was walking near mcnichols and brush Simmons struck the victim multiple times then stole her purse. Stow died from injuries sustained in that robbery w w j news time ten thirty six. We have water and ice over the roadway. It's.

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