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State and federal prosecutor author of the forthcoming book about bill barr called hatchet man. An host of the third degree podcast. Cnn legal contributor. Ellie hoenig eliot. Welcome back good to be with you as i always think. Well maybe we'll have a quiet time legal news. You know maybe in april or may or june. Now there's no such thing and it's great. I like it too. So i know me too because it means things are moving forward and speaking about things moving forward this joel greenberg plea deal. That's happening today. He's plea change hearing is today. He's pleading to guilty to six of the thirty three federal crimes. He's been charged with. Tell everyone i've been saying you've been saying this and you've been saying it but i'd like i'd like to put those two things together. What does that say about the the kind of information he must be offering and why it's so important so first things first joel greenberg. Even within the vile world of cooperating witnesses who by definition are file. People is exceptionally vile mean. I have cooperated murderers multiple murderers people who've committed three four murders. I had one guy who shot so many people who couldn't even read you know recalculate them all so. We just estimated mid thirties. He didn't tell them all his specialty was sort of shooting him in the legs and the to send a message but anyway the point is i have cooperated some really really bad guys and joel. Greenberg gives me the willies as cooperator. He i mean he's a child. Sex abuser that is to me an even more difficult sell to a jury then a murderer. I'm not saying it's better or worse than a murderer but it needs to jury. You go look this cooperator told you. He committed murder who he do with. Would you do at four. He did it for this mob. Boss he did it with this other hitman. They can understand that they.

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