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Oh, my gosh. Well, you know, Listen, I got 15 year old 2 12 year old, So I don't know that they're preparing it all. They just they live the good life. You know, they just they are in the seat of blessing. John Stacy. I 69 other hand. We still have some work to do. I'll be honest. We're a little bit. You know where those Those threes. If you're any Graham, you know the high eyes if your disk person, um and and so we get a lot of work to do a little bit of work to do so this morning, but it's the effort. It's a song like come in under the wire, So I've got a five year old in a in a anomalous five year old in a 10 year old and Get ready for the last day of school today. Mind to know And my son told my daughter Hey, this is it. Then comes Christmas break to which he replied Like the last few months, right where we've been at home and at school at home, and I got me thinking Christmas breaks gonna look totally different for these For millions of kids across the country. It's gonna look just like last week and the week before and the week before. We've been blessed, You know, certainly in our neck of the woods for our kids to go to school, it's It's tragic when you see the loneliness that this is not a It is not a comment on your state governor or whatever political affiliation you draw from. The fact of the matter is, is that the isolation and the shutdowns and the quarantines whether you again believe they should have happened or not. It has been devastating on our kids, Children because we're all relational, but they don't have the maturity. They don't have. Ah lot of the tools that adults have, and it's been tough on adults. I mean, he's going to say they don't have access to the Devices that medicine that we adults content to rely on. So it's It's been tough, but I'm hoping that 2021 is is going to be a much better year. For goodness sakes, just just relation Lee. The world just needs toe, take a deep breath and literally and figuratively right and start healing. All right, Let's go to Cameron in Columbia, South Carolina. Cameron, how are we doing? It is me. I'm sorry, Cameron. I'll go to this cameras. We got two kids got two cameras on this. See what you did there. Cameron from Columbia, South Carolina. Yeah, That's me. Okay, That's you. Sorry, Cameron. Go for it. Yeah. So I'm just kind of storm between two career passing away. One of them is more of something with my art. The other one is more Logical, But I could also have AH, connection to sow. The first plan is to eventually become Like an outdoor recreation planner, for or or in O H V, which stands for off highway vehicle program supervisor for like a federal agency, and then And or would be like an outdoor tour guide year round, but All the stuff start seasonally, which I have not quite gotten to get in there. It could be five years before I find a more permanent role, OK, and it's just gonna be A lot of these jobs, you know, they're lower paying is seasonal. They don't really have any benefits than the other route would be to go to do some schooling for industrial mechanical maintenance, and then I would build into a maintenance role for Park or force. I could do that route. Interesting. More stable one. Yeah, that's that's what you were referring to. Oh, as the combo where you're you've got a little bit better pay. Better, Panya, but you get ability. Yeah, but you're in proximity, that park and your kind around all that fun outdoor stuff. Right. So I would do the schooling here in South Carolina, and I'm already about to pull the trigger on me. I've got half the money about to pay as I go, and I'm gonna move to the mountain west get involved, You know, volunteer for a year. I would do a regular job with the schooling right for a year and a half to two years And then after that two years, I'm gonna find a temporary role and then I'll just do that. And then I'll wait. So a prominent role comes up. I was just kind of wanting. Your opinions for is like, Does that sound like a better idea? Other than all the seasonal stuff, Which is just gonna be a roller coaster? Because it is? Yeah, I I think that it is a good idea because you can hear the confidence in that plan. I think you've fought this thing out Really? Well, In fact, a lot of people that call I've been on Penn month. I mean, I used to. I used to live in, uh, North West Wyoming and Asia. Yeah, No, because it let me tell you something. It's a good plan. I want you to do it. I just want to add one encouragement. I think you work your tail off. You get that industrial mechanical maintenance job and I'm gonna come back around in a second. But I want you to work your tail off on that, and put the money away and save save. Save. So you get to a point where you can make that full time jump into that work and you've got a buffer and you get your lifestyle to a point where you can see a path forward where you can get in and then climb up. But financially you've prepared for this. And the only thing I would say to you is I would double triple check. Whether not you need to go to school to get into industrial, You know that mechanical if it is engineering, Yes, you will. But if it's maintenance work, I would just double check that and see if there's trade schools and things for that kind of work, because you might be surprised for a guy who likes that mechanical side of things. The trades can pay very, very well. And you get trained so much faster, So I would just encourage you to a little bit more research because you seem like you've done a lot of research. That's right. And Yeah, a lot. So, Cameron, what is it about the outdoors that you love? What is a more I've always liked their pikes and I've yet to have my own vehicle. I just I love dirt, biking and hiking. Just Iike 200 miles out in Yellowstone Grand Teton parks all that it's just Have an idea for you and then building maintaining fixing things out in that world. That's that's what I care about. You know what I would do if I'm dude, Listen to me. I want you to really go do some more homework on just mechanical work. You make really good money. You know, Mechanic and you like fixing things anyway. And I think you might do a little combination of this dream. We've been talking about this plan where maybe eventually you own your own. Vehicles and thinks like you do anything, I'd have my own off road. God business. Well, you're going to have to have my own. Listen to me. Hold on my own tour guide. Hey, camera you're going to you're going to take this plan. And that's what you're going to go. Do you going to get out there and learn the area? Learn, maybe work part time while you're making great money is a mechanic maybe work part time on the weekends or that volunteering for somebody who's doing it well, and they're showing out now this local perfectly the area so you are becoming a master's degree student on that type of work. And what's happening is is that you are gonna learn the process. Of how to run your own business by watching somebody else do it. And then you're gonna use that mechanical work to just stack up money, John, and eventually he's going to start that side Hustle, that side Hustle will grow, and he'll step from the day job right into the dream job. That's the past. I love it. This is Dave Ramsey show. Thistles the time of year when we give to the people we love, and it's especially important in these times to make sure our family will be taken care of when we're gone. If you don't have a will get it now at Mama Bear legal forms.

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