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After hours with Amy Lawrence that may have been the highlight actually the rafters into San Antonio for the rematch the reunion of Kawhi Leonard with his former team, although that team has changed a lot. He wasn't the only defection and departure in the last couple of years. Gregg Popovich is still there his coaching staff largely but the star for the Spurs. Now is Marta Rosen who was the player that was exchanged for Kawai Leonard when the Spurs made the trade with Toronto in the summertime and he was relentlessly booed. The fans did not care at all about his part in winning multiple titles. There. Infante Antonio are one. I guess now. I can't remember how many he was part of either way they didn't care about the tradition at all. Or what he did? Or the fact that he was one of the best two way players in the NBA and got his start there with the Spurs. They just booed him. Every time he touched the ball, and you can hear on the intro where the Spurs PA announcer quickly moved on Pasco. Why lettered? Why would you spend any extra time on a guy who wanted out of town? But then with Eric Smith on raptors radio Kawai gets the first bucket, and maybe you're thinking, I he's going to rise to the occasion and the raptors are going to send a message to the Spurs. Yeah. Not so fast. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio. So kind of the the forgotten piece of this around the country is that the Marta Rosen got shipped out by the raptors. And he was a guy who not only loved Toronto. But love the organization, what would have stayed there his entire career. He's the guy who wasn't going to downplay this beforehand instead he said he wants. Did you break every record that he possibly could against the raptors? And so it was fitting that it was a nationally televised game. And also fitting that he had his first career, double double, double double triple double. Man. I under sold that buried the lead his first career triple double in more than seven hundred games. It was his first time ever recording a triple double twenty one points for demar derozan. Fourteen rebounds, eleven assess. And by the time he did a post game interview. He had calmed down which I think was kind of interesting because he was definitely fired up during the game. And it was all fun to see him kind of likes his muscles. And maybe remind the raptors what they had and what they lost though, obviously they've got one of the best records in the NBA as well. But this was a big night for the Spurs and for their fans and Gregg Popovich said after the game it was sad. So yeah, he was not on board with the arena booing Kawai. The let's be honest. He can safely say that. Because the game was over and the arena was filled with doing the entire time. So he didn't need to. He didn't need you before the game. Take a stand because the fans already knew the vans are already knew exactly how they were going to Greek Leonard. And so after the fact it's easy for Gregg Popovich to say, oh, I thought it was really sad. No, yes. Leonard did you allot for the Spurs the Spurs, and he was their player designate to carry that organization into the future. He took the baton the time. It was from Tim Duncan and he became their best player. Very quickly. They traded for they wanted him specifically out of the draft. And he was supposed to be the guy that would make the transition easier as Parker engine nobly and Dunkin what either retire or in the case of Parker would go somewhere else and play. But then he missed all but nine games last year. He did a a bit of an Antonio Brown and went AWOL on his team. He was training and rehabbing on his own and even after the Spurs doctors cleared him to play he refused. He decided he wasn't ready. And so the team and Kawhi ended up being at odds, and then he formally requested trade and even though Gregg Popovich went to Los Angeles. Visit with them try to convince him that they could work this out, and they didn't have to be the end Kawhi with steadfast. Now he wanted to go to LA fat. She it's the Spurs were going to accommodate him and gave him what he wanted. They wanted something in return. And so they sent him to Toronto even though co I hate the cold. Now, I think there's a lot of optimism that the raptors will be able to convince Kawai to resign their civil or to the way Paul George fell in love with Oklahoma City. And right now waiting would be their their best way to lure him in the raptors are still twenty six and twelve. And they have a real good shot to repeat as the best team in the east. But this little passion play this one in and of itself was fun to watch just because of the juicy storylines. It's after hours here on CBS sports radio. So again tomorrow to rose, and maybe the forgotten piece in all of this. But his first career triple double. And a lot of joy and excitement for him in front of the Spurs fans who now adore him. Always come back better. And. Complete flare as possible every single season scored a ball. Approval. This is about me you want to make it seem as better around me as well. I always go to the scoring. So for me is just fine might get everybody else roller. Oh, yeah. I definitely think he was having fun on this night in San Antonio as for the Spurs. They're also into the playoff picture. Now. Remember, they started with a a step forward. A couple of steps back. It was a you know, kind of a disjointed star. And you can understand that when they changed so many pieces, but they're on a three game win streak. They've got seven wins in their last ten games. And they're now in that number seven spot actually, just a smidge ahead of the Los Angeles Lakers as I mentioned Gregg Popovich felt like it was disappointing felt like the Spurs fans maybe could have given Kawai Leonard a better reception. They weren't having it. But but it was easy for him to say after the game I feel badly about it. Hi, character guy. Make decisions in our lives. What we're gonna do with their futures. And he has that same rate is any less. So I felt badly. I appreciate that part. Yes. Why does have a choice, and he can certainly decide what career path he wants to take. Here's the problem though. He was still under contract co I signed the contract he was still under contract with the Spurs. Not only did he I think in the eyes of a lot of people not honor that contract, by the way, he refused to play at the end of last year when his team desperately needed him. And do you. Remember, he wasn't even with them when they were in the postseason first round. He wasn't even on the bench. He wasn't there. This is a little bit of like Antonio Brown. Not that he couldn't play. But why wasn't he with the team? He wasn't even there to support them at least Brown did that in his for code on Sunday. So he's nowhere to be found. He left his team. And so I understand why there is some animosity there. He's still out of contract. He did not or it. He wanted out. So yes wall Gregg Popovich is saying he meant a lot to this organization. It's his choice where he wants to go. Yeah. It's his choice when he's actually a free agent. Which is why the Spurs did not send him to LA the way he wanted to go. They sent him to Toronto. Leonard was part of that Spurs championship in two thousand fourteen when of course. They were going back and forth and tried to repay Miami for the year before that was a good couple of years to see the Spurs and the heat back when it was Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh and LeBron James in Miami. I mean, he certainly a player who is right in the pinnacle in the prime of his career as long as he remains healthy which right now, he is he was the finals MVP that year. He's a two time NBA defensive player of the year. And I think he's he's never really going to give you what you want in a post game pre game interview any kind of interview. Unless of course, you want him to laugh and we've got that on tape. From losing a game. We got some things are coming to look at it. As a team to get better. Still playing you know what I mean? I really don't reflect on. What's happened prototype retire? I'm trying to get better at what we're doing here. All right. So he gives you a little bit of his emotions what he's feeling, but he's not going to respond to the building. And that's kind of what we get from Kawhi Leonard. He plays his cards pretty close to the vest. So a couple of big games national TV on Thursday night in the NBA. We're going to set our sights on football now though, because it's a huge football. We get lots of head coaching in interviews still going on like the Arizona Cardinals. So straight ahead. We'll head to the desert and we'll get the latest on the cardinals coaching. Search. You can find me on Twitter Ayla radio. Also on our Facebook page. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. Here's our latest sports update. And here's Marco balletti..

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