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So I expect from tomorrow, ready that these teams are getting the race animated with eventually the, the hope and the intent to do is late broadly on the last climb and, and have a go from now on, I think they, you know, they cannot wait until a certain state. They have to seize every, every single opportunity that arises and the Moro there's a nine nine Lamad climb very hard. So if they have good legs. They'll have to go. Yes, I look at the profile for tomorrow if there is a nine k nine and a half percent average exceeding ten percent for over six K topping out at fourteen percent on part of that. Yes, it's a hard. It's really hard lime. So, you know, it's, it's also. A complete change in, which is sometimes, sometimes certain certain cyclists struggle with that, because it's a complete change of, of riding style. It's been flat. So they have been used to the, you know, the bigger gears. Always big chain ring. Now, all of a sudden, they have to go to the small chain ring, and it's a different way of peddling. So some people some writers have difficulties with that change in need, you know, one or two days to get used to, to the different rhythm, and especially tomorrow, you know, it's there's only one climb, and so you have to be good on that climate, not, like, okay, you're gonna ride yourself into the rhythm a little bit. And then try to be good on the second or third time of the day note tomorrow. It's that climb. And there you have to be good. So, yeah, I think from tomorrow on the probably going to see, you know, see a big a big change in, in strategies. And you know, if in my opinion, what's going to happen is, they're gonna be there's gonna be. To racist within the race tomorrow is in. It's not it's not a long stages under fifty kilometer. So good day for breakaway, and, you know, of course, the sprinter's teams are not going to be there to to try to control the race. So basically, it's all down to the team of radio Conti, if he wants to stay day and pink, which, which is probably what's going to happen. So I expect at least Astana and movie start to have one or several riders in the in the breakaway that break of eight you know, would have a chance to get to the finish..

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