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That we're gonna playoff team and you add. Aaron rodgers said that nucleus middle a super bowl team that needs to be priority option. Number one and two shawn watson needs to be option number three thousand five hundred and seventy eight. It's insane. how can you do that tree and all these leagues are coming out. And there's so many thoughts. I have could be a situation where the dolphins and texting throw in the eagles name out. There leaking it. Because they want to say hey. The eagles obviously could use a franchise. Quarterback jalen hurts on proven. They have all this fix. It makes sense their quarterback factory however unless making traits could be you know getting the market up for him saying dolphins. Hey take our offer. Take our offer or the tech insane. Hey you need up your old for or it could be negative situation. People who don't want us to take them. The eagles are leaking this time and time again to lessen the pr blow the habits. When they eventually made the trade of the trade came out of nowhere there are no rumors. This offset happened. People would lose lose their knots. So we've been talking about it for literally months now. it lessens. The blow in the trade actually happens because we prepare for it mentally emotionally professionally in terms of the media since then and he's in philadelphia. I hope people in that press conference media members grill the crap out of him jeffey. Laurie harry rose knicks. Whomever because they deserve it. All those figures do the shawn. Watson comes to philadelphia aaron rodgers top three quarterback while tom brady and pitman gave me the most talented and if a player ever talented shawn watson. It's not get his twenty five. He has fifteen years ahead of the nfl objectively taking everything else out of the equation just looking at an ina. Vacuum should be leak. What rack for fifteen years. But he's probably not going to be because of everything else going on with him. Aaron rodgers give me those three four years of his career. I trade all three first round pick from next year again. He's going to dictate where he wants to go. Maybe it doesn't want to come to philadelphia. That's fine but that should be your priority option. The shawn watson shawn watson. Are you kidding me disgusting. It's really disgusting repulsive think that that guy could be eagles quarterback and it's not impossible which hurts even more. So you're saying you're random team hasn't been linked to them all off season. You're saying hey i mean what. Have you got the shawn watson. that'd be terrible. No it's realistic. It feels like there's so much smoke there the other night. I'm just i was talking to some fellow eagles. Some other eagles beat writers and people in the media. Saying how could you do this. How could you look the fan base in your arm. And their odds and think that this is okay. I think after all this talk of rebuilding the culture here the dissension in the lock. Remember last couple of years bringing figure like that into here is just mind-numbingly stupid stupid and on top of being stupid just morally flat out wrong. I mean everyone with a brain of saying this stuff. I'm just kind of vent and let me go different sean. Do not bring him here. Magin the podcast when they trade for midday trade for him. Where'd be ray show producer. She going to be bringing out the bath bomb. Bleepers out. Like in the podcast. I did and the aftermath of the eagles trading offer devante smith is going to be like that resulted the bleeper audio track reading case illustrate for to shawn watson. What else you got go on. Eagles worth signed steven nelson on sunday of auntie. Mannix non outsi- cornerback in nfl. Maybe not even. Nfl player right now was going to be outside. Cornerback outside of opposite daria slow. Who's ever rated but still pretty decent steven nelson competent. If a player down your last year bevin in two thousand eighteen and twenty nineteen..

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