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I mean you're watching somebody bleed out and die in public due to a tragic accident but you're also watching something that's a little bit grand guignol and a little bit as a keystone cops. I think that there is a tackiness to it and the vision of Heaven. I think there's a tackiness to that as well. It's downright gleeful it. It certainly extremely intended but that doesn't mean it's not tacky. It just means it's intentionally tacky moving either the dance sequence with with his his late wife or you know quote unquote late wife is that's incredibly moving stuff and so beautifully. Shot at all of that stuff just shot in this like super slow motion, super high def where you can just appreciate every line and every aspect of the choreography and the physicality of the dancers at that battle sequences pretty remarkable a lot of ways and the expression of a Dick Johnson's face to his remarkable presence to I. Think to be a good psychiatrist you may be have to have just. Empathy. But he just has. It's very open openness about it which I also kind of pick up I feel like as part of. At least secure. Johnson. We get know via her films part of her personality as well. Yeah. I was reading some interviews with her prior to this recording and she thinks of herself as a funny person. You know she in this piece she says, you know there was one laugh and camera person I was like we made an hour and a half long in there was one laugh. So I was really committed to there being humor in this film and You know I think it does function is a comedy and yes, there is certainly tragedy there. But I've cried this movie in Maimi emotional. But I ultimately came out of it feeling like I had had on balance of more joyful experience than sorrowful one in again like I said I think Richard Johnson. Himself is a huge part of that and in another interview with our friend Rachel Hander she actually put this is actually Rachel's words in her introduction she says. Here are two people who love entrust each other. So deeply that they'll joyfully confront death together before it's even arrived and I think just the the connection between them and the same paddock Oh nece between them as far as this project it wasn't that it made it not sad but it made it more palatable for me I guess or made me you know it made me sad in a in a happy way I cried this movie the way I love. To cry at movies you know we talk I've talked about being a movie cryer before and most of this movie I was at some stage of of teary you know but it never felt like it was overwhelming me or too much. It's bittersweet. Yeah and I also, Kinda WanNa go back to the staging of the deaths and then being as Tasha said tacky or these sort of absurd and and they are to a certain extent but they are also all. Grounded in a sort of real his you know again with in that interview with Rachel she says, you know we started working with. NETFLIX'S I had a budget ahead of time for the first time in my life psychic. Think really big I imagine you travel the globe put my dad on an ice floe and float him out go to Hong Kong and have him jump out of the building and catch on fire..

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