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Well yeah you know in terms of people's opinions externally it really doesn't matter i mean everybody's gonna a lot of people who who like to talk are going to weigh in feel like they should weigh in on it i mean we're we're days from it actually coming to fruition so i mean almost no time has passed and you know not really that stuff doesn't matter what what really matters is that you know charlie is is is happy and content with it and as we are we in that you know we together now move forward and he plays winning baseball and helped us win gains and we support him you know continued support him in the ways that we have you know so the rest of it is just kind of is just kind of noise and you know the the true value will be will only be noun years and years from now now of course immediately after this happens you talk about the stories and people have their opinions but then also and i even said it to okay up next dj lemay hugh nolan are nado the work never ends i would imagine you probably got a few questions about that as well yeah as as i've said there are there are timelines and and clock ticks on each player in different ways you know that's clock ticks when when guys.

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