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Thanks buzzfeed I needed that. I was doing a little reading when I got up. Checking out my go-to news sites thinking about my talk about at the top of today's show trump dismantling the United States postal service to rig the election. Trump thinking temporary payroll tax cut that God's social security is what we need at a time of mass unemployment, a payroll tax cut when millions of Americans have been booted from payrolls and then trump sending his treasury secretary out to tell Americans. That trump will make that temporary payroll tax cut permanent. If we re elected in November because blackmailing Ukrainians didn't work out. So now he's GonNa Blackmail Americans or should I open the show by sharing my truly unkind thoughts about people who won't wear masks Mugabe lady at the dam, the and all those straight men a majority of them according to one study who won't wear masks because they think they make them look weak. So. As reading and stressing and spiraling down into a rage when my friend betsy rescued me with a text, she sent me a link to a quiz at buzzfeed. Now, buzzfeed is one of my usual stops that your great work. They do. Great reporting I follow a bunch of buzzfeed writers on twitter. No Shade Buzzfeed, but. Go To's that said maybe I, need to start stopping by buzzfeed every day more often to come down because the link betsy sent me a Yank. Me Right out of the hard news rabbit hole I'd fallen in here are ten different relationships. Scenarios Are these people cheaters. It's a quiz by buzzfeed staff writer Kelly Martinez and everyone gets to vote Don meets up with his expert dinner once in a while just dinner, but he doesn't tell his girlfriend is not cheating or not cheating, but kinda sketchy only four percent of quiz takers thought Dan wasn't cheating. Guys. Maybe Don's one of those people who stuck with one of us, insanely insecure people whose absolutely unhinged X.'s are concerned. I would advise Donda dump such a girlfriend if that was the case, but not everyone can leave or should leave life is complicated sometimes, you got step around your partners bullshit moving on. Barney finds pictures of other men on his boyfriends phone ninety, four percent of people polled bought this was either cheating or. Or cheating adjacent behavior and way more people. But it was actual cheating than just kinda sketchy cheating adjacent behavior, which leads me to believe that most of the people who took pole ninety, four percent of them have never met a gay man much less dated one or Ben one, Musab chairs a tent with her on a camping trip. Nothing happens it just sleep three times as many people that was cheating than thought. It wasn't. Now I'm pleased to say that people didn't think it was cheating when someone hooked up while they were taking a break from their partner, a break, their partner knew about and that it's not cheating someone you're casually seeing goes on a date with someone else. But. There's a lot of evidence in this poll, Scientifically Unsound Anecdotal evidence, my favorite kind. But still a lot of evidence that too many people still regard way too many things as cheating, and that is a problem. If we define cheating is unforgivable and then defined absolutely everything is cheating. We are setting relationship up for failure. It seems to me. It has always seemed to me that if you WANNA have a lot of sex, you want to have as broad definition of sexy as possible if sex is just one thing. Or be and everything else is a sad consolation prize. You'RE GONNA have a lot less sex than you would otherwise. And it seems to me if you don't WanNa get cheated on a lot, you wanNA, have narrow. A definition of cheating as possible because of everything is cheating GonNa dump or get dumped a lot more often than you otherwise might. What constitutes cheating is an interesting question and the subjective one, it's personal, but it's something you might want to make sure you're on the same page about before you and your partner of made hard to extricate yourself from commitments before you sign that lease adopted that dog scrambled your DNA together. And if the person you're dating casually dating right now, thinking about committing to regards chatting with an axe or looking at porn or having opposite or same sex friends as cheating, do yourself a favor and that relationship before you sign that lease. Anyway, thank you buzzfeed and thank you Kelly. Martinez for reminding me that people are crazy and that I can sometimes open my Saxon relationship advice show with a little sex and relationship advice, and thank you to betsy. All right. Coming up. Up on today's show on the micro edition of the savage loves tons of your cues. Lots of my is and on the Magnum edition of the savage love cast author and journalist. Jill Filipowicz joins us to talk about her new book. Okay. boomer. Let's talk we.

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