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Americans for limited government have been funded by a small group of very very wealthy people for a number of years i don't have the last year's numbers are i i would be more than welcome to look our neineither using you'll see that her trip whatever we're talking ideology i mean that as an ad hominem attack and if it came across their way apologize fine um i actually we spent a lot of time talking about corporate cardio and while if may of incorrect in it here's overall tone in some respects what we have today is with system worthy or the wealthy could work louise government work with ingram worked community away governments to create the outcomes with pay wives against their competitors so what we really end up with the out system is the administrative state is working hand in glove with those who have the power to be able to manipulate it to the to the detriment of the rest of us and that's why would you take a look at trade deal to you take a look at the tax code you take a look at a wanted it differ your element of the of government you what you see is the outcomes are less about what good is the best interest of the public reading the voters who elected the politicians on either side of the aisle but more in terms of was the curse of those factions boost your previous election for those of you who is there is for able to drive government to their own and so let me get this right ear here argument is the uh bharti mitch rich people with a specific agenda let's let's say you know petro billionaires are corrupting government by giving large sums of money to politicians to for example deny climate change or to give them tax breaks by cutting health care for millions of people and and that corruption of government is a legitimate reason to destroy the government cool or to minimize.

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