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We will move on to issue two crime and suburbia. I will always be a police officer. Why Ultimately, as I learned from a former boss. When you know it's kind of go, you know. Seattle police chief Common Best resigned this week, protesting What she said was quote the overarching lack of respect for the officers. The men and women who work so hard day in and day out, unquote. Nests. Resignation follows the Seattle Council decision to cut the police Department budget by $4 million or roughly 1% a demand of liberal activists. The cuts follow weeks of black lives matter. Protests. Adam. It's spiking violent crime rates and major U. S. Cities. Best resignation adds Another twist to the political debate over the future of policing in America evincing as much President Trump on Wednesday suggested the Democratic policies on policing would encourage suburban women to vote for him. Whole suggest a majority of suburban female voters currently support Joe Biden. Elinor your thoughts on the Trump campaign's belief that perhaps crime and security will play into the president having to November The president just didn't say suburban women would vote for him. He said Suburban housewives would vote for him. There aren't that many women in suburbia these days who call themselves Housewives that's really retro gate. And then he he added to that, Ah, that these suburban women like his policies, because if you elect by You're going to get Cory Booker heading up policy. I don't think they're doing anything to conceal the racist appeal that they're trying to make here now about the police chief. I have huge sympathy for this woman. She was doing a great job. The community loved her. She felt that she could not take the foot. The funding cut that was proposed the black lives matter. Activists in that area also objected to the funding cut. They don't they? They called it a Performative act because it doesn't improve police and if they said, we're cutting the policing, but we're improving social services by this about money where We're gonna set up, you know, adolescent counseling session centers or whatever. So nobody likes this, And it's a complete Ah, bastardization, frankly of of the whole defending At least movement Pat There is this challenge. I think that certainly Democratic mayors there facing and in cities that they run, where violent crime places like New York and Chicago is significantly up even from My levels in the eyes of Chicago before you know this this summer of mayhem, if you will, you know, how do you see it playing out? First, I think, defund the police, this sort of self explanatory to me. Maybe there's some subtle meaning in there. Let me see this Tom. They're two forms of violence and crime that have suddenly sort of coalescing together. First is like what happened in Washington, D C Block party. 20 people are shot to death by four shooters coming in. It's things like these massacres that occurred like Chicago with the dead like New York have got more dead up there this this by August 5th And they had all of last year. That's one Have much after George Floor died. What is happening now is you're getting a rising public reaction. There was a story this morning in the post Richmond in the black community around the Robert E. Lee statue. We should cut it out. Stop every night through breaking windows, destroying things looting you destroying the community. We live here and people are getting threat up in sick of this now. 2.5 more months of that. I think law and order and crime are going to be the kind of issue they were in 1968 1st of all, crime is up in Republican cities, too. I will point that out. I'm happy to go over after the show give you the statistics climbers up everywhere this summer, a largely because of the pandemic, but also because that's um Internal problems. Chicago's problems, which have been quite a bit about are indeed manifest and a lot of it is really internal. There is a push to get more law enforcement but also a push to get more social services. What do our kids do when they get home from school? What do we owe these folks do when they get out of prison where they've been? Hell? Perhaps because I couldn't make bail. People who live in cities have already made the concession that they will pay more taxes. And they don't mind that, however, we expect for Children to get good public education in person, preferably We expect law enforcement to protect public safety and private property, and we expect social services to go to getting the homeless, the help they need. Daz process has completely broken down in American cities, and as a result, you're going to get a lot of white flight. It's inevitable and hearing about it in Los Angeles. I'm hearing about it on the Upper West Side, and quite frankly, What these communities with these urban communities, especially these communities of color, and what a lot of them are begging for is more not less more of the McLaughlin group After this.

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